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Wyma Solutions - Handling Equipment for Vegetable Growers, Packers and Processors

Wyma designs, manufactures, distributes and services post-harvest vegetable handling equipment and solutions worldwide. Wyma offers a wide range of post-harvest vegetable handling equipment to help its customers deliver fresh, properly washed, polished, graded and sorted vegetables. Wyma equipment can handle a variety of processes, including brushing, washing, polishing, peeling, cooling, drying, conveying, grading, sizing and packing. The equipment is ideal for vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, parsnips and beetroot, but some machines can also handle fruit and other materials.

Wyma equipment can be supplied individually or as a complete pack-house or processing line solution. Platforms, framing and electrical control systems are offered to fully integrate the equipment on-site.

Wyma provides proven technical innovation and quality, ongoing service and a deep understanding of processing needs, based on over 25 years of experience in the industry. From consultation through to design, manufacture, installation and support, Wyma can help customers improve the way they process their vegetables.

Tipping and reception systems

Wyma manufactures several bin tippers to tip field bins filled with vegetables, selected fruit or materials into a wet or dry reception tank. These bin tippers can be either manually or hydraulically operated. Alternatively, a Wyma Soft Tip Bin Tipper provides a gentle and controlled discharge onto a conveyor or hopper.

Wyma Wet Hoppers are water-filled tanks that vegetables, selected fruit or other materials can be quickly tipped into without fear of damage. Wyma Wet Hoppers act as pre-soak and dirt/rubbish collection facilities on entry of the pack-house or processing line, ensuring that this material is not transferred to other equipment. They also provide an even flow to the rest of the line.

Wyma Dry Hoppers create a temporary storage for clean or dirty produce as it waits to be sent further down the processing line.

Vegetable brushing, washing and polishing machines

In the brushing, washing and polishing category, Wyma offers the following machines:

  • Flat bed brushers - composed of rows of rotating brush rollers to remove dirt from wet or dry produce
  • Barrel washers - consisting of a perforated rotating drum to gently wash produce
  • Vegetable polishers, known as the Wyma Vege-Polisher™ - consisting of a rotating drum made of rows of nylon brushes; contact with the brushes, water lubrication and rubbing action combine to wash and polish vegetables to the highest supermarket retail standards

Vegetable peelers

The Wyma Vege-Peeler removes the outer skin of vegetables such as potatoes, carrots or beetroot. It is manufactured with exclusive peeling brushes, with or without an auger and with or without carborundum rollers. The amount of waste from brush peeling is less than that of some alternative peeling technologies, maximising yields and maintaining freshness and natural properties (e.g. starch, vitamins).

Cooling and drying systems

Drying and cooling technologies are increasingly added to processing lines to maximise the freshness and shelf-life of selected fruit and vegetables.

The Wyma Hydro-Cooler is a refrigeration system that quickly reduces the core temperature of fresh produce. Water is cooled through refrigeration coils and sprayed from above as produce is conveyed through the machine. The water level within the Hydro-Cooler can be adjusted to either totally or partially immerse the produce. Produce can be conveyed through the Hydro-Cooler loose, in crates or in bins.

Wyma Absorbent Drying Rollers are made of rows of sponge or felt to remove excess moisture from produce. The main purpose of this equipment is to reduce the risk of bacterial growth, disease initiation and produce degradation during storage, transport and packaging, maximising shelf-life.

Vegetable grading and sizing equipment

Wyma Roller Inspection Tables and Conveyors allow for vegetables, fruit and other materials to be visually scanned for imperfections, or for sorting. This equipment often precedes sizing machinery that separates produce into multiple sizes. Wyma offers three types of sizing equipment: diameter sizers for round or long produce (Wyma Lift Roller Sizer), diameter sizers for round produce only (Wyma Screen Sizers and Spool Sizers), and length sizers for long produce (Wyma Vibrating Length Sizer).

Wyma understands the importance of working with customers' specific requirements and therefore offers flexibility in its handling equipment and solutions. Consequently, the above list of equipment is not exclusive. Wyma can provide complete and customised solutions that will add value to customers' businesses.

For more information on Wyma's capabilities and equipment, please complete the form below or visit Wyma's website.

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Wyma Hydro-Cooler The Wyma Hydro-Cooler is a refrigeration system that quickly cools the temperature of selected fruit and vegetables. This cooling technology maximises freshness and extends shelf-life.
vegetable polishing machine The Wyma Vege-Polisher™ is the leading washing and polishing machine for potatoes, carrots, parsnips and other produce. It can considerably improve the appearance of bulk vegetables.
vegetable peeling machine The Wyma Vege-Peeler is a peeling machine based on the proven technology of the Wyma Vege-Polisher™. It is built with exclusive peeling brushes and can peel a variety of vegetables.
potato wash line Wyma’s pack-house and processing lines are designed in a consultative way with the customer to ensure an effective and long-term solution. Above is a potato wash line example.
pack-house solution Wyma designed, manufactured and installed the above pack-house solution. This complete line receives dirty carrots from the field, removes dirt, debris and stones, and polishes, grades, sizes and packs carrots.
Flat Bed Brusher The Wyma Flat Bed Brusher is suitable for produce requiring a delicate brushing, washing, rinsing and/or substance application.
Wet Hopper The Wyma Wet Hopper is a gentle system to receive and pre-wash produce.
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