SICK Intelligent Sensors and Sensor Equipment

SICK provides hygienic sensor solutions for the food and beverage industry to address challenging tasks in the areas of flexible automation, safety, quality control and identification.

SICK Sensor Intelligent is an innovative company that constantly resets industrial standards and breaks through technological challenges through ingenious designs of high-quality intelligent sensors, integrated systems and software tools.

SICK hygienic sensors meet the food industry’s requirements of chemical resistance, thermal resistance, tightness, washdown and hygienic design while complying with Australia and New Zealand’s market standards.

Non-contact sensors for the food processing industry

SICK provides a wide range of non-contact sensors for measuring critical process parameters in the food industry. These include temperature, level, pressure, position, shape and dimensions, flow and volume, colour and contrast. The sensors and accessories are hygienic, reducing the chance of germs.

SICK has also developed special mounting systems and connecting cables for the food and beverage industry. With Ecolab certification and an enclosure rating of IP69K, resistance to the tested cleaning agents and disinfectants is guaranteed.

Sensors and sensor systems for food packaging processes

Packaging operations demand for sensors and sensor systems that can perform within complex, frequently changing applications while also meeting increasingly challenging standards for trademark protection, safety, and documentability.

Whether it’s robust, moisture-proof photoelectric sensors, intelligent image sensors for glass identification or safety laser scanners for protecting robotic loaders, SICK has a range of intelligent systems that can meet the requirements of food packaging processes.

RFID solutions and 1D, 2D and 3D code readers for supply chain transparency

Track and trace and food safety measures are put in place to ensure transparency with respect to the food’s origin and its path through the entire supply chain. From processing, filling and packaging, the manufacturer must reliably gather data about every step in the process. This is particularly important for the hygienic requirements that come as standard in the food industry.

Our 1D, 2D and 3D code readers, as well as RFID solutions ensure reliable data collection, more transparency by creating traceability, and efficient quality assurance. Our solutions can be integrated seamlessly into existing system networks and feature a high level of connectivity. In addition, sensors from SICK are incredibly robust and are able to meet all hygienic requirements and deliver process data reliably, even in harsh ambient conditions.

A portfolio of intelligent and flexible safety concepts for packaging machines

The modular construction of modern packaging machines and plants requires an intelligent and flexible safety concept. SICK safety solutions ensure the protection of personnel and machines, optimise production and reduce machine footprint requirements.

Our central task is to develop and offer safety technology services that are standardised all over the world. These include commissioning, repair and modernisation. As an accredited inspection centre, SICK offers the inspection of protective measures worldwide in accordance with valid standards and regulations.

For example, the deTec4 Core IP69K safety light curtain is an electro-sensitive protective device. The device provides reliable hazardous point protection and is resistant to high-pressure cleaning. It is also particularly suitable for use in hygienic environments thanks to its smooth surface.

The TR10 Lock safety locking device provides a high locking force and a rugged design to prevent access to the hazardous point while the machine is running at high speed.

Concealed safety switches are attached in order to safely monitor safety doors when the machine is running.

The RE1 magnetic safety switches are a reliable and economical solution. Even on simple doors and when there is contamination, these coded switches work reliably up to safety level SIL3 and PL e.

Complex packaging lines require machines that are linked safely and flexibly. SICK’s cascading safety switches and sensors with OSSD outputs via Flexi Loop minimise costs by lowering the amount of wiring and the number of inputs at the Flexi Soft safety controller.

An additional function of Flexi Soft, Flexi Link provides a network solution with straightforward configuration and quick commissioning. Both safe connections offer high levels of flexibility without complex addressing procedures.

When it comes to packaging machines, and particularly in the case of material transportation of flat carton blanks, for example, there is the risk of the operator reaching into the magazine to add more material while the machine is running. With Safeguard Detector, SICK delivers a certified, all-round functional safety system designed to avoid potential injuries.

Popular food and beverage applications for sensors

  •  IP69K stainless-steel I-O Link sensors for continuous level measurements resisting high temperatures and foaming (LFP Inox level sensors)
  • Vacuum seal integrity of glass jar lids (3D machine vision)
  • Package identification (image-based code readers)
  • Expiry date / best before date presence detection (Label checker)

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It is a critical aspect of quality assurance and food safety to identify a product at its origin and track and trace the forward movement through the entire process of the food supply chain, including food processing, filling, closure and packaging.


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Products and Services

LFP Inox Level Sensor

Leveraging TDR technology, the LFP Inox is a hygienic level sensor for liquids.

Miniature Washdown Photoelectric Sensor G6 Inox

With its special sealing, the G6 Inox product family is highly resistant to chemicals and washing detergents during washdown applications.


The RFU63x is an ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID solution.

Safety Light Curtains deTec IP69K

The new generation of deTec safety light curtains is ideal for the protection of hazardous areas, entrances, and hazardous points.

Long Service Life IO-Link Watertight Stainless-steel Sensors

The W4S-3 INOX product family in WashDown design combines rugged watertight IP 69K stainless steel housing with 'best-in-class' optical functionality.

3D Machine Vision TriSpector1000

The TriSpector1000 is a stand-alone configurable sensor for cost-efficient 3D inspections.

Label Checker for Quality Control Systems

Label Checker is a multifunctional and easy-to-set compact quality control system designed for various label inspections

LFV200 Intelligent Limit Switch for All Liquids

The vibrating level switch of the LFV200 product family detects the pre-defined levels in liquid systems with maximum precision.

Hygienic Pressure Sensor PBS

The electronic pressure switch PBS Hygienic has been designed for use in the food and beverage industry.

Fully Automated Flexible Loading System with Long Range Distance Sensors

The DS500/DT500 families of long range distance sensors are ideal for high-precision distance measurement without a reflector.

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