BarkerBille Industrial Fans for the Food Processing Industry

BarkerBille designs and constructs a wide range of industrial fans and blowers for the food processing industry in applications such as spray drying, fluid bed dryers, filter systems, CO2 plants, scalding systems and wet scrubbers.

Including main supply fans (MSF), main extract fans (MEF), draft fans (PFDF), combustion fans (PFCF), boiler fans (BHF) and fluid bed exhaust fans (FBEX), BarkerBille’s products are efficient and have a high build quality to meet client requirements. They also meet the stringent hygiene requirements of the food industry.

The centrifugal fan programme covers airflows from 1,000m³/hr to 400,000m³/hr and pressures up to 10PSi.

Fans for the food processing industry

BarkerBille has extensive experience designing fans and blowers for food processing plants and dairies. It supports project engineers and buyers to achieve optimised plant performance, and considers requirements such as materials, surfaces, noise and energy efficiency in the final design.

The company also has expert manufacturing abilities, supplying stainless-steel and acid-proof steel fans that comply with the stringent hygienic requirements of the food industry.

Fans for grain and pet food processing

BakerBille’s fan solutions have applications in the grain and pet food processing industry. Used to handle and store grain and seeds, the specially designed fans meet the stringent hygiene requirements of these industries and ensure food safety.

Industrial fans with clean-in-place (CIP) design

BakerBille’s fans are available with clean-in-place (CIP) for internal cleaning purposes. The company works closely with its customers regarding the design and placement of CIP nozzles to ensure optimised CIP performance.

Available CIP features include:

  • Washable and drainable attenuators
  • Polished fans for increased hygiene
  • CIP nozzles and shaft seals as per customer requirements
  • Food-grade and high-temperature flexible connections

Axial fans

BakerBille manufactures high-quality Axial fans for the food industry.

Suitable for low-pressure applications, these fans are custom-made to meet temperature and speed requirements. They are supplied with impellers made of materials ranging from glass reinforced polypropylene (PPG) and glass reinforced polyamide (PAG) to anti-static class reinforced polyamide (PGAG), vibration stabilised glass reinforced polyamide, and aluminium (AL). The hubs are typically made in a pressure die cast aluminium alloy or PPG.

Diameters range from 200mm to 1,746mm.

Centrifugal fans and blowers

BakerBille’s centrifugal fans are used in a wide variety of industries and are available with a number of accessories. The fans are high-quality, cost effective and highly efficient units that are designed to be resilient and energy efficient.

With more than 50 years’ experience designing centrifugal fans, Bakerbille’s products are durable and reliable. They are also easy-to-clean to meet the hygiene requirements of the food industry.

The company also provides customised silencers to be used in combination with centrifugal fans, which feature noise attenuation abilities to reduce fan noise. Silencers can also be manufactured in thin-plate form for comfort ventilation systems.

Noise cabins and insulation for industrial fans

BakerBille manufactures cost-effective fan noise cabins that are made from galvanised or stainless steel. These units have an air inlet to remove heat from the fan and motor, as well as reduce noise from the air intake and outlet.

The walls can either feature perforated plates or a flat cleanable surface, and the unit can be specially designed for high-temperature applications.

The company also offers noise or heat insulation for its centrifugal fans.

Fan flow control solutions

BakerBille manufactures a wide range of flow control equipment, including dampers, inlet vane control and frequency controllers.

The firm’s butterfly and multi-vane dampers are available in mild and stainless steel. They are custom-made for different tightness and temperature requirements, with dimentions up to 2,000×2,000mm.

BakerBille’s inlet vale control units are used in applications where varying air volumes are required. The control is either mounted to the inlet or in a duct, and can be supplied either in manual or motor-driven configuration.

The frequency controllers help food plants save energy, as the fan is controlled based on demand – rather than running continuously. This flexible solution is easily integrated into an existing control system.

Fan accessories

BakerBille provides a range of fan accessories, including access doors, automatic lubricators, base frames, drains, CIP systems, and cooling discs, as well as flanges, flex connections, flow control, guide plates, shaft seals, spark-proof inlets, speed sensors and suction boxes.

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