Profloor Epoxy Systems Flooring Solutions for the Food Processing Industry

Profloor Epoxy Systems provides surface solutions for a wide range of industries, including food and beverage processing, meat and poultry plants, commercial kitchens and retail environments.

The company specialises in resin-based flooring systems, including polyurethane cement, methyl-methacrylate (MMA) and polyester, as well as epoxy flooring and coatings. These feature characteristics that meet the stringent requirements of the food processing and catering industries.

With 25 years’ experience in epoxy flooring, Profloor Epoxy Systems works closely with plant engineers, maintenance coordinators architects and construction firms to support projects from conception to completion.

Flooring solutions for meat and poultry processing facilities

Profloor Epoxy Systems installs and refurbishes wet process areas for the meat and poultry processing sector.

The products are designed to meet the performance requirements of abattoirs, poultry plants, hatcheries, packaging areas, cold storage and warehouses for meat and poultry preparation. They are resistant to mechanical wear to provide a long anti-slip service life.

Profloor Epoxy Systems’ services include the complete removal of existing coatings and coverings, scarifying of original concrete, heating concrete substrates to minimise moisture and installation of new flooring and coverings.

The Profloor EP4 is a 6mm-10mm epoxy finish that incorporates Progrip additives for additional slip resistance. It is used in locations such as wet process areas, kill floors, boning rooms, further process areas and load-out areas.

Epoxy surface solutions for bakeries

Profloor Epoxy Systems provides long-term flooring for the baking industry, including large commercial bakeries, caterers, supermarket bakeries and boutique patisseries.

The flooring is also designed to reduce the risk of mould and bacterial contamination, as well as has a high degree of thermal shock resistance to withstand temperatures as low as -40°C and up to 120°C. Examples include blast freezers, low-temperature coolrooms, proofers and oven / cooking areas.

UV and traffic-resistant flooring for the food processing industry

Profloor Epoxy Systems’ flooring features high-intensity anti-slip additives such as aggregates and calcined alumina. The products are easy-to-clean and resistant to a wide range of oils, grease, thermal shock and heavy trolley / fork traffic. They are particularly useful in areas of high traffic such as boning rooms, chillers, service corridors, packaging areas and high-bay storage areas

The products are also ultraviolet (UV) resistant for both indoor and outdoor applications, ensuring no discolouration.

All flooring is available in the Australian Standards and RAL colour ranges, and textures can be altered to meet different slip-resistance requirements ranging from P1 to P5 (or R9 to R13).

Epoxy coating systems for food and beverage plants

With an epoxy finish, the Profloor EP1 is a cost-effective roll-on coating that creates an impervious and easy-to-clean surface on walls and floors. The Australian Standards range features a wide array of colours and can incorporate Proflake chips to provide decorative anti-slip properties.

Profloor EP3 is a 6mm-10mm trowelled epoxy floor system that is suitable for high-traffic areas in food and beverage processing plants, meat and poultry plants, commercial kitchens, bars, supermarkets and loading areas.

This flooring features a hygienic and safe anti-slip finish that complies with regulatory safety standards in Australia, including Foodsafe, Workcover and Hazard and Critical Control Point (HACCP).

Rapid Curing MMA trowelled flooring systems for fast turnaround

The Profloor MMA is a fast-curing trowelled flooring system that is designed to be chemically cured within one hour of installation. It is recommended for short turnaround applications in supermarkets, commercial kitchens and bars.

The trowelled finish is durable, highly chemical resistant, and suitable for use outdoors, with excellent UV characteristics.

The Procrete HD is a 6mm-9mm heavy duty, polyurethane cement flooring system that is designed to protect concrete from high-temperature fluctuation such as freezers, low-temperature coolrooms, high-heat washdowns and cooking areas.

This product has a low volatile organic compound (VOC), is free from strong odours and is suitable for high-impact and high-traffic areas. It bonds well to concrete substrates and has a higher moisture tolerance compared with alternate resin-based flooring, providing excellent adhesion in wet process environments.

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Meat and Poultry Processing

Profloor Epoxy Systems specialise in the installation and refurbishment of wet process areas. The company's experience in meat and poultry is quite extensive across Australia.

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