API Schmidt-Bretten Plate Heat Exchangers and Plants for Thermal Processing

API Schmidt-Bretten is a market leader in thermal process technology. Tens of thousands of SIGMA plate heat exchangers of varying constructions and many thermal systems have been successfully used for the processing of food, dairy and beverage products.

Concentration plants for herbs, juices and dairy products

SIGMASTAR® concentration plants are suitable for the concentration of herbs, fruit and vegetable juices, purees and pulps; they are the most economical method for biological processing and storage. SIGMASTAR® concentration plants are also used for the concentration of malt, beer, wort and yeast as a base material for further processing, as well as for the concentration of milk, whey, sugar, purees, coffee and tea extracts, pectin and gelatine.

SIGMASTAR® concentration plants are also ideal for the concentration of all kinds of sugars such as cane, beet and liquid sugar (saccharose, fructose, dextrose, corn syrup, sorbitol, maltodextrine, glucose and starch sugar derivates), as a base material for further utilisation in the production of drinks and foodstuffs.

Dealcoholization systems

The SIGMATEC dealcoholization system is designed for the removal of alcohol from beer and wine. This new procedure uses continuous vacuum rectification to ensure a gentle heating of the product and vaporization of alcohol. Advantages of SIGMATEC dealcoholization systems include:

  • Separation of alcohol and aroma with aroma returned to the product
  • Gentle dealcoholization using low-temperature vacuum technology
  • Complete dealcoholization to less than 0.05% alcohol
  • Adaptable for various products and formulations
  • Continuous operation and fully automatic control
  • Environmentally friendly

Pasteurization plants for food products

SIGMATHERM pasteurization plants are used for the pasteurization and aseptic cold-filling of fruit juices, still or carbonated beverages, beer, concentrates, syrup and other products with a high acid content. In addition, SIGMATHERM pasteurization plants are suitable for cream, puddings, jam, honey, apple puree, fruit and vegetable purees, tomato pulp, ketchup, mayonnaise, egg-products, vinegar and sauces.

Plants with SIGMA plate heat exchangers can also be used for viscous, pasty, fibrous and lumpy products. The type of SIGMA plates used are selected according to the characteristics of the products. Heat recovery up to 96% can be achieved, and can be combined with SIGMAVAC deaeration plants (to remove air and oxygen from juices and drinks in order to improve their quality and shelf life).

Cooling and heating units for thermal treatment of beverages and liquid foods

SIGMA plate heat exchangers, manufactured by API Schmidt-Bretten, are used as cooling and heating units in thermal processing; for example:

  • Dairy: milk, curdled milk, buttermilk, sweetened condensed milk, soy milk, whey, kefir cream, yoghurt, pudding
  • Breweries: wort, beer after primary fermentation, unfiltered beer, filtered beer
  • Wineries: grape juice, grape must, wine before precipitation, sparkling wines, champagne, liqueurs
  • Distilleries: slop, sludges, slurries, port ale, all kinds of spirits like cognac, vodka, whisky, etc., liqueurs, spent grains
  • Water / soft drinks: still water, carbonated water, carbonated and uncarbonated soft drinks, fruit and vegetable juices, concentrates
  • Others: ketchup, tomato concentrate, mayonnaise, mustard, egg products (sweetened and salted), coffee and coffee extracts, all kind of sugars like glucose, maltose, fructose, etc., honey, organic and inorganic chemicals, cleaning agents for CIP, etc.
  • Edible oils: olive oil, palm oil

Gasketed plate heat exchangers

SIGMA gasketed plate heat exchangers have a flow capacity of 1m³/hr to 2,200m³/hr and a heat transfer surface of 0.2m² up to 1,500m². They feature elastomeric gaskets for operating temperatures up to 170°C and hard gaskets for temperatures up to 250°C. PTFE coated gaskets are also available for special applications.

SIGMA gasketed plate heat exchangers are suitable for a wide range of industries, including the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries, HVAC and refrigeration, marine, offshore, automotive and textile sectors.

Compact all-welded plate heat exchangers

SIGMAWIG and SIGMASHELL all-welded compact plate heat exchangers are ideal for high (up to 350°C) and low temperatures and high pressures (up to 40bar). They are gasket-free which allows higher operating levels. The SIGMAWIG and SIGMASHELL all-welded plate heat exchangers have a compact design with high efficiency plates. There is a wide range of types available, allowing optimized solutions.

Typical food sector applications are CIP heaters and coolers as well as special treatment of pharmaceutical products.

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