CHALON MEGARD Equipment and Process Line Manufacturer for Dairy and Cheese Production

Highly mechanised dairy processing facilities

CHALON MEGARD manufactures highly mechanised equipment for dairy processing facilities, for applications involving whey, curd, and milk treatment.

Using innovative production methods and expert knowledge of dairy technology, the company offers high-quality and technical solutions.

Each piece of equipment is adapted to every cheese or dairy production method, respecting traditions and ensuring high-productivity.

Copper-lined cheese vats

CHALON MEGARD offers a range of cheese vats from 500l to 24,000l, with options for round or oblong-shaped containers, as well as opened or closed top varients.

The stainless-steel vats can feature a copper-lined interior and this aesthetical lining provides a higher heating efficiency.

The closed double-O vats are equipped with two versatile tools, which cut curds and ensure a homogeneous brewing with whey.

Moulding systems for hard cheese production

Capable of transferring up to 24l, CHALON MEGARD’s vacuum moulding system evenly distributes vat contents into a mould. It is ideal for the production of hard cheese as it allows optimal extraction, a moulding system by depositing curd under the whey, and pre-pressing of the curd bread.

The company’s tubular moulding machine is designed for the production of pressed cheese and uses a combination of pre-pressing, cutting, and moulding processes.

For a non-shrinking structure, CHALON MEGARD’s draining vat is made of tough sheet metal to provide a shaped curd bed with regular dimensions, minimising material losses.

Pressing systems for moulding modules in cheese dairies

CHALON MEGARD offers a full range of pressing systems, including pallets, compact modules, and tunnel presses.

The pressing pallets allow several moulds in a stack to be individually pressed. These can be stored on the floor, on a circular carrousel, or on an overhead conveyor.

Compact moulding and pressing modules are also available, adapted for cooperatives or cheese dairies. They are able to be washed by a clean-in-place system with the moulds inside.

In addition, CHALON MEGARD’s versatile tunnel presses can be opened or closed to allow automatic washing and can have one or several rows of moulds (or block-moulds) and be stacked to save floor space.

Fully mechanised cheese production lines

CHALON MEGARD has developed fully automated cheese lines of high productivity. Supervised by production staff, the machines are a reliable and hygienic way of securely undertaking tasks that would be difficult, dangerous, or too repetitive for employees, improving health and safety.

The machines can be automatically washed to maintain a high level of hygiene and production molds can be systematically washed before each filling.

CHALON MEGARD’s flexible lines are built in modular subgroups, allowing room enabling future system extension but minimising floor space.

Brining system for cheese production

CHALON MEGARD’s customisable brining systems are individually designed to suit specific processes and spaces.

For a static brining process, CHALON MEGARD provides stainless-steel tanks, which are filled with salted water in a pit or under the ground. Cheese is placed on racks and is manually or automatically immersed.

The company’s continuous brining offering sees demoulded cheese placed on a multi-level rack and passed through a stream of brine water.

CHALON MEGARD also offers brining system installations with automatic management, allowing control and adjustment of parameters including concentration, temperature, and filtration. Each system is also equipped with a device that allows an efficient brewing system of salt water around the cheese.

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