RLG Supply Chain Logistics and Global Transportation Solutions

RLG is an air, sea, and land-based logistics provider delivering global transportation, fulfilment, logistics and supply chain services internationally.

Since 2013, we have taken pride in our ability to design and execute innovative and cost-effective solutions that can solve even the most complex global logistics challenges.

Across the US and internationally, RLG’s services encompass entire supply chains. We have saved customers millions of dollars in supply chain logistics and management costs, enabling them to compete more profitably. RLG services cover all transportation modes and are available with a range of value-added features.

Supply chain and retail logistics

As a leading provider of grocery supply chain logistics solutions, we work with clients to provide support throughout all ends of the process, including suppliers, inbound logistics, warehousing, distribution, and returns, to ensure all bases are always covered.

RLG has extensive experience working with companies in the foodservice sector to improve their processes and quality of service. Our goods and grocery supply chain support services include:

  • Ambient: canned foods, jarred coffee, bagged sugar
  • Produce: fruit and vegetables
  • Chilled: dairy and ready meals
  • Frozen: various frozen goods
  • Non-food: packaging, general retail and merchandise

Retail management

RLG has a proven track record of helping its wide range of retail partners grow their presence both locally and globally. We offer a complete range of retail services, including:

  • Optimisation and consolidation
  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • National and regional distribution
  • Returns management

Whether the shipping method is over road, air or ocean, RLG’S team of logistics experts will assist customers every step of the way.

Land freight transportation

For regional and domestic shipments, our land transportation division provides customers with efficient and dependable truckload and less-than-load (LTL) services.

RLG’s premium service offers an extensive network of professional providers and a constant supply of up-to-date and accurate information regarding customers’ shipments. We provide land freight transport services in the following areas:

  • Dry, frozen, and refrigerated truckload
  • LTL service, including online pricing, booking, and tracking
  • Local, regional, and long-haul drayage
  • Flatbed, drop-deck, and double-drop trailers
  • Over-dimensional, heavy haul, and expedited shipments
  • International ocean freight transportation

RLG works with clients to deliver highly secure and efficient ocean freight transportation and logistics. This is offered through a variety of container shipment options, including full container load (FCL) or less-than-container-load (LCL) shipments.

Air freight transportation

RLG also provides air freight transportation services to all major trading centres through a wide network of airline and freight forwarding partners.

Our air transportation services offer clients the flexible shipping options they need, including charters for large or specialised cargo. Choosing RLG as your global logistics solutions partner ensures fast and reliable shipments for excellent value.

Warehousing and distribution

RLG’s warehousing and distribution services offer businesses a cost-effective solution for storing and transporting goods around the world. This allows our customers to spend less time worrying about supply chains and more time focusing on the core aspects of their business and its growth.

RLG delivers constant, immediate access to goods, as well as quick and efficient distribution worldwide.

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