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Geo Project Industries Automation Solutions for the Food Processing and Beverage Industries

Geo Product Industries (GPI) manufactures automation solutions for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

The company provides standalone units and comprehensive systems designed to improve the reliability, efficiency and production of industrial processing plants. Its offerings include bottling lines, processing and packaging equipment, spiral conveyors for food treatment, form-fill-seal bagging machines, case packers, carton packers, palletisers, stretchwrapppers and integrated automatic logistics technology.

GPI is certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 and has a EurAsia Conformity (EAC) standards certification.

High-speed automated food processing lines

GPI offers a wide range of products and technical solutions for the food and beverage markets, as well as chemical, pharmaceutical and household goods industries.

The group also adapts and incorporates equipment as part of an integrated logistics solution.

Line processing automation solutions for the food industry

GPI offers a comprehensive range of cartoning units for processing plants, including top loaders, robotic palletisers, case packers, laser-guided vehicles (LGV), side-loading cartoners, closing units, forming machines, lidders, wrapping machines and integrated units.

The company’s high-speed top-loading system consists of twin loading units controlled by two axis robots, robotic sealing and a closing area. It also has an integrated vision system. The GPI300 model is able to form, fill and close three cases simultaneously; packing up to 550 products minute and other versions can work faster or slower depending on customer requirements.

GPI’s customisable robotic palletisers can be prepared in a wide range of layouts and configurations to suit different production speeds and/or space restrictions. The robot palletisers can manage several in-feeding lines.

GPI’s LGV and automatic guided vehicle (AGV) automated solutions increase productivity and meet industry safety standards and performances.

Line filling, packing and palletising automation solutions for the beverage industry

GPI’s processing machines offer comprehensive solutions from filling to palletising through to storage and logistical solutions. Its innovative equipment is compact and optimised for production performance and high-speed manufacturing.

The company’s beverage plant solutions include filling and bottling equipment, case packers, palletisers and stretch wrappers.

About GPI

GPI was formed by a Group of experienced manufacturing companies together with a team of engineers and consultants to provide automated systems to the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, beverage and bagging industries.

Each founding company, engineer and consultant brought in-depth knowledge and experience in the fields of automation, processing, packing and packaging to Geo Project Industries to ensure customers receive the highest level of assistance, service, technical know-how and expertise in the fields of filling, packaging, palletising, line management and logisitics.

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Cartoning Machines by Geo Product Industries

Geo Product Industries' CR Series of cartoning machines are monoblock units that can erect pre-glued cartons.

Geo Project Industries

Via Leonardo da Vinci, 12


Galliera Veneta PD


+39 049 9471297 +39 049 5969839

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Geo Project Industries

Via Leonardo da Vinci, 12


Galliera Veneta PD


+39 049 9471297 +39 049 5969839

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