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April 2021Top

Issue 42 | April 2021
In this edition: China’s Clean Plate initiative addresses food waste, solving food emissions with taxation, establishing a standard for ESG reporting, and much more.

February 2021Top

Issue 41 | February 2021
In this edition: we look into the nascent alternative-seafood market in Asia, the latest use of fermentation in plant-based food, the importance of driving down the cost of cell-based meat, and much more.

Yearbook 2020Top

Yearbook 2020
In this issue: the end of the year is upon us, and with it, we bring you the just-food and just-drinks yearbook, a round-up of the key articles we’ve brought you in the last 12 months.

December 2020Top

Issue 40 | December 2020
In this issue: we look ahead to the next year – or years – and ponder what the short, medium, and perhaps more importantly, long-term impact of the coronavirus will be on the food industry.

October 2020Top

Issue 39 | October 2020
In this issue: how the pandemic has sharpened focus on healthy ageing, a challenge to reduce sugar in chocolate, kefir’s prospects in the UK and collagen-enhanced food’s durability in the US.

August 2020Top

Issue 38 | August 2020
In this issue: the next steps for sustainable palm oil, a look into chlorinated chicken, how Uber Eats and Kraft Heinz are planning for life after lockdown, and more.

June 2020Top

Issue 37 | June 2020
In this issue: robotics in the QSR sector, Covid-19’s lasting impact on consumer attitudes to food, automation in US meat processing and much more.

April 2020Top

Issue 36 | April 2020
In this issue: The key supplement and nutraceutical trends for 2020, vertical farming, the impact of Covid-19 on the food sector, and much more.

February 2020Top

Issue 35 | February 2020
In this issue: Developments of cultivated meat & dairy in the US, uncertainty around CBD products and much more.

Yearbook 2019Top

Yearbook Issue | December 2019
In this issue: The biggest stories in food and beverages from across 2019.

October 2019Top

Issue 33 | October 2019
In this issue: The biscuits industry’s balance of health and indulgence, Grenade’s sports nutrition ambitions, the future of sugar alternatives and more.

August 2019Top

Issue 32 | August 2019
In this issue: The struggle against labour abuses in food production, whether meat alternatives can live up to the hype, Brexit’s impact on food trademarks, and more.

June 2019Top

Issue 31 | June 2019
In this issue: Indigenous food systems, the challenges of the cultured meat market, probiotics as a mental health aid, and more.

April 2019Top

Issue 30 | April 2019
In this issue: The environmental impact of palm oil, what nanotechnology means for nutrition, examining edible insects’ sustainability, and more.

February 2019Top

Issue 29 | February 2019
In this issue: How the industry is working to combat fruit waste, trends shaping the year ahead, the consumer desire for authentic brand engagement and comforting products, and more.

December 2018 Top

Yearbook 2018
In this issue: The best of food and beverages in 2018.

December 2018 Top

Issue 28 | December 2018
In this issue: Product transparency, hemp’s growing popularity, prebiotics and probiotics’ development as ingredients, and much more

October 2018 Top

Issue 27 | October 2018
In this issue: Managing protein in vegan diets, functional foods ‘added value’, the Pret a Manger inquest, and much more.

August 2018 Top

Issue 26 | August 2018
In the latest issue of Inside Food we look at snack innovation within the cheese sector, find out more about food allergies and much more.

June 2018 Top

Issue 25 | June 2018
In the latest issue of Inside Food we look at the free-from market, shine the spotlight on stevia and much more.

April 2018 Top

Issue 24 | April 2018
In the latest issue of Inside Food we look at the savoury snack market, shine the spotlight on avocados and much more.

January 2018 Top

Issue 23 | January 2018
In the latest issue of Inside Food we look at the rise in product recalls, the decline of the bee population and much more.

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