Hychem Resins and Multi-Layered, Heavy-Duty Flooring for the Food Industry

Resin-based products

Hychem formulates, manufactures and distributes a full range of resin-based products for a variety of commercial and industrial installations.

Applications include heavy-duty industrial flooring, concrete resurfacing, repair and protection, liquid applied waterproofing, anti-corrosive coatings and high-performance grouts. Hychem’s anti-slip, anti-static, sports and decorative floorings finishes are also well-suited to the food and beverage industries to compliment health and safety measures.

Polyurethane cement heavy-duty flooring systems

Hychem’s Hycrete product range includes a number of flooring systems suited to the food and beverage market. Products offer heavy-duty durability, high-heat and chemical resistance and are ideal for areas where there is constant moisture and regular forklift traffic.

Widely used across all manufacturing industries, the Hycrete range is popular due to its all-round long-term performance.

Flexible epoxy flooring systems for specialist projects

Traditionally, most flooring installations are made of epoxy, but re-formulated and user friendly polyurethane cement systems such as Hycrete are becoming increasingly popular.

However, epoxies still offer unique performance benefits and are often required by the industry. It is still a suitable substance for concrete resurfacing projects, creating falls to drains, or if clients need a slightly flexible system to go over a steel mezzanine floor or anti-static conductive topping, or a coating or sealer rather than a high-build topping.

MMA rapid curing system for fast return-to-service

Methyl methacrylates (MMA) are often referred to as acrylics. They make up a rapid curing system, which has unparalleled cure speed and allow a fast return-to-service for treated areas.

Time is money and minimising production downtime is often critical, particularly with maintenance installations. Offering high build topping and coating systems, MMAs are an important product line in Hychem’s range.

PMMA waterproofing for flooring

Fast-curing poly-methyl methacrylates (PMMA) offer excellent waterproofing performance while being trafficable and fast to install.

Polyurethane coating and topping for offices, service corridors and change rooms

A variety of coatings and toppings offer excellent durability and ultraviolet (UV) resistance. Hychem’s Viasol Elastic Sky product range is a soft underfoot, decorative, noise insulating 3mm system, which is an alternative to traditional vinyl floors.

Unlike vinyl, Polyurethane systems provide a seamless, hygienic, heavy-duty and attractive finish, making it ideal for use in offices, service corridors, reception areas, packaging areas and change rooms.

Polyaspartic coloured coatings for aresilient finishes

A new fast-curing, clear and coloured coating, Polyapartic can be used for many applications, providing hard-wearing and attractive internal and external finishes.

About Hychem

Hychem was established in 1987 and has since developed into one of the most recognised and highly regarded resin and flooring industry brands in Australia.

The company has established long-term relationships with its raw material suppliers and overseas partners, enabling it to source the latest products and technologies.

Hychem’s dedicated and experienced sales team can both help select the best products and introduce clients to the best people to install the systems with a national network of preferred applicators.

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