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Lycored extracts ingredients to enhance the visual, taste, organoleptic and nutritional performance of food and drinks. All our ingredients are safe, natural, vegan and free from chemical additives.

Clean label, natural and nutritional food and ingredients

The industry today is facing a change in the way consumers view their food and beverages, with an expectation of adding value to their diet and lifestyle, by being natural and providing nutrition.

Lycored focuses on providing clean label, natural and vegan ingredients, or simply, ‘real’ food, which accentuates the natural inherent goodness and safe credentials of customers’ consumer brands.

Lycored’s expertise lies in the extraction of real food elements from nature using proprietary techniques, including naturally occurring pigments and nutrients for food and drink (known as carotenoids).

Carotenoids: lycopene and beta-carotene nutrient extraction

The two key sources for the company’s carotenoids, lycopene and beta-carotene, are tomatoes and a fungus called blakesea trispora.

Lycored breeds and grows its own raw, non-GMO materials with particularly high nutrient concentration. The company controls and owns the entire extraction process, from beginning to end.

Harvesting the tomato super-fruit for its high-lycopene concentration

The tomato, the original super-fruit, via Lycored’s specialised extraction process, provides the company with many natural treasures.

The process starts with a tomato seed, bred by the company’s experts to be just right (non-GMO), which is a variety of tomato selected for its particularly high-lycopene concentration, providing the best quality and nutrition.

The company chooses growing locations for ideal growth, non-industrial, arid and ideal climatic conditions, working with known and trusted local farmers that are monitored to ensure there is no contamination from chemical pesticides.

Lycored then harvests the tomatoes at the optimum time to capture the fruit at its ripest, washes the fruit and extracts the best elements within a tight timeframe, ensuring they are used at their freshest.

The company maximises all elements of the tomato to ensure the most sustainable and high-output process, wasting no part of the fruit.

Lycored uses patented proprietary processes to give it its ‘hero’ ingredients, including the active ingredient, lycopene, a rich nutrient known for its clinically proven health benefits, such as supporting prostate, cardio and female health.

During production and separation of lycopene, the company extracts clear tomato concentrate that can provide taste enhancement to a variety of foods naturally.

From each batch, Lycored selectively taste tests for intense characteristic of its Sante product, which provides a rich intense flavour direct from nature, high in naturally occurring amino acids and glutamic acid.

Sante is 100% tomato, gently nurtured by people with a passion for real food and wellness.

Enhancing food and beverage quality, perception and labelling clarity

Lycored offers products across four categories to enhance the quality, perception and labelling clarity of customers’ food and beverages.

The four categories include:

  • Naturally occurring pigments, taste and texture providers: high-performing alternatives to current additives that are rejected by consumers and retailers
  • ‘Hero’ single active ingredients, which provide functional benefits in food and drinks (lycopene, beta-carotene and lutein)
  • Fortification blends to meet particular health needs. This can include single active ingredients complemented by a wide range of fat-soluble essential vitamins such as A, D, E and K. The key is getting the dosage balance right
  • Our high-volume capacity for premixing to create blends for fortification can be customised for individual customer needs, with particular experience in infant nutrition, dairy, bakery and staple food segments

Naturally occurring pigment (colour), taste and texture food ingredients

Lycored’s Lycopene natural pigment, called Tomat-o-Red® provides a red colouring, which is highly effective in typical applications such as beverages, yoghurt, ice-cream, confectionery and surimi.

The company’s beta-carotene natural pigment provides yellow and orange colouring across food and beverages is called Lyc-O-Beta.

Both Tomat-O-Red and Lyc-O-Beta are heat and PH-stable and are available in powder and liquid forms.

Lyco-Fibers provide natural texturising effects, while Sante provides taste and colour enhancement, including saltiness and flavour characteristics in savoury foods. Both of these ingredients come from the tomato and can be labelled as foodstuff.

Single active ingredients and microencapsulation

Lycored’s range of patented products, including lycopene, beta-carotene and lutein, are powerful anti-oxidants and are particularly effective in preventative support for areas such as the prostate, cardio, joints and eye health. They can also be used to relieve symptoms of menopausal suffering. Lycrored’s company’s products are supported by clinical trials and are used in major US supplement brands for these health areas.

The company’s strong nutritional and formulation expertise allows it to offer a range of essential vitamins in blends that provide maximised nutritional effectiveness.

The company’s proprietary microencapsulation systems can ensure that active ingredients are protected for optimal effect and timed release.

Lycored has the ability to also supply encapsulated active ingredients in formats to suit consumer product trends.

If you want to improve the real, honest goodness of your product, including the front of packaging and ingredient declaration, or the nutritional profile of your product, speak to Lycored.

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A dry tomato pulp that offers an innovative three-in-one ingredient solution for prepared food products will be exhibited by Lycored at this year's Food Ingredients Europe at stand 6S45.

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Press Release

16th November 2015

A dry tomato pulp that offers an innovative three-in-one ingredient solution for prepared food products will be exhibited by Lycored at this year's Food Ingredients Europe at stand 6S45.

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