Electronic Sensor Technology Gas Chromatography Devices for Food and Beverage Aroma Analysis

Electronic Sensor Technology manufactures a high-speed (one minute), highly sensitive (nanogram) gas chromatography instrument. This innovative, patented chemical vapour analysis system is used in a wide range of industries: food and beverage, personal care, agriculture, environmental protection, homeland security and life sciences.

The zNose’s speed, sensitivity and portability finds it being used in the field for incoming inspection to ensure compliance with residual pesticide regulations, as well as on the production floor to quickly confirm line cleanliness, enabling rapid product change without flavour contamination. zNose is also used in quality control to ensure product quality, validating flavour profiles through vapour analysis.

zNose uses a simple two-step procedure that quantifies all types of odours within just a minute. The tool effectively analyses food and beverage aromas and quality by quantifying their chemical composition quickly and accurately.

High-speed gas chromatography analysis of food aromas

The advanced technology analyses food aroma and detects undesired components that could affect the flavour of the product or pose health risks to consumers.

In the food industry, zNose can be used to check:

  • Packed food quality
  • Fruit fleuressence
  • Ripeness
  • Crop quality

Chemical analysis for crop quality and bacteria detection

For chemical analysis of crops, zNose can detect the odours, chemical vapours and aromatic signatures that are produced by biological contaminants such as mould, bacteria and fungi. The removal of contaminated fruits and vegetables helps to prevent infections and allergies.

zNose is also used to assess plant quality in crops, helping farmers increase yield through the analysis of the chemical profile of vegetable odours.

Chemical analysis of beverages for quality monitoring

zNose is used in beverage processing to quantify the concentration levels of chemicals present within the beverage to perform quality checks.

It helps with the detection of:

  • Unwanted materials affecting the flavour of the beverage
  • Toxin-producing bacteria
  • Adulterant sugars
  • Unsafe components

About zNose

First developed by Electronic Sensor Technology in 1995, zNose is highly competent in detecting a range of illegal, toxic and dangerous compounds in near real-time. It uses SAW sensors to identify chemicals based on their retention times in the GC column. Meanwhile, the GC technology separates and analyses compounds that can be vapourised without decomposition.

The ‘electronic nose’ tool has a library of more than 700 chemicals and odour signatures, enabling it to detect all the compounds within an odour to provide a full chemical profile.

The technology is available from Electronic Sensor Technology in four models. Model 4650 is portable and has a fully integrated computer, enabling operators to conduct all analysis in field without an external laptop. Model 4300, which has a rechargeable battery, and Model 4200 are both portable devices while Model 7100 is a low-cost benchtop device ideal for laboratory work.

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