M&E Equipment Traders Australian Stockist of Used Processing Equipment

M&E Equipment Traders stocks more than 40 categories of used processing equipment for the food processing, beverage and packaging sectors.

The company handles projects for large companies, as well as dismantles and acquires equipment from complete plants, obsolete processing lines or individual machines. Installations can be performed across food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, beverage and packaging industries, as well as the general industry.

M&E Equipment Traders stocks a range of new equipment, including stainless-steel tanks, screw and belt conveyors, power blending and packaging equipment, as well as complete process lines.

Used food processing equipment

M&E Equipment Traders sells one of the biggest range of tanks in Australia, ranging from 50l to 100,000l. There are more than 200 stainless-steel tanks available for storage, mixing, processing and other applications.

The company’s wide array of equipment includes air compressors, centrifuges, decanters, fans, liquid and powder fillers, heat exchangers and pumps.

M&E Equipment Traders offers complete turnkey equipment lines, as well as any other ancillary requirements and solutions for milling, liquid and dry blending, water treatment, and screening processes.

Used equipment is often carefully sourced from leading international companies, and we carefully handle each machine to ensure that it remains in optimal working condition. Clients can benefit from savings of up to 80% by purchasing used products instead of brand new equipment.

Industrial tanks, pumps and fillers for food processing

M&E Equipment Traders’ 24,000m² complex features an extensive product range. If the required component is unavailable, we can offer alternatives or try to source the original.

Equipment available at the company’s facility is featured on the website, which is regularly updated with equipment offers.

M&E Equipment Traders provides a range of industrial equipment, in addition to electrical products for commercial and domestic applications. The company purchases and handles complete manufacturing plants, which means that the stock range is constantly changing. Another benefit of buying used equipment is that the company can promptly deliver it with a fast turnaround time.

High-quality used processing machines for the food industry

The company supplies a large selection of processing equipment, including air compressors, centrifuges, extruders, motors, and refrigeration plants.

M&E Equipment Traders aims to offer equipment to an extensive range of clients while providing solutions for applications such as dry blending, liquid mixing, filtration, filling and packaging. Storage, mixing, process and pressure tanks are available in a variety of sizes.

A large amount of equipment is sourced from blue chip companies such as Nestle, Orica Australia, Carlton & United Breweries, Uncle Ben’s and Arnott’s. Industry-leading companies make use of high-quality production and maintenance plans so equipment acquired by the company is in peak working condition.

Removal of processing line and surplus factory equipment

M&E Equipment Traders purchases redundant processing lines, surplus equipment parcels and individual machines from industrial plants, in addition to complete facility removals.

The company handles large-scale removals to minimise equipment disposal time and costs, as well as take full responsibility for the project and provide progress updates for clients.

Operations managers ensure that the required equipment is dismantled and removed in accordance with occupational health and safety (OH&S) and WorkCover safety standards.

Commercial and industrial electrical equipment

ME Electrical is a stockist of new and used electrical equipment for commercial, industrial and domestic applications. Staff are trained within the electrical industry to provide advice on a range of technical and stock issues.

The company has one of the largest varieties of cables available in Australia, including steel-wired armoured, orange circular, industrial mains, data, flat and fire-rated ranges. Other equipment includes cable tray systems, circuit breakers, relays, transformers and fuses.

The in-house electrical workshop can customise and modify switch, control and panel boards, as well as assembling terminal boxes according to client requirements.

M&E Equipment Traders is based in Sydney, Australia, and exports products to the South Pacific, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.

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