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van Geffen Ceramic Industrial Flooring distributes Prothexa-ker®, the chemical-resistant industrial floor. Van Geffen is a leading supplier and manufacturer of the strongest ceramic industrial floor tiling systems for food processing locations such as breweries, soft drink factories, dairy producers, bakeries, and the chocolate and sweets industries, as well as pharmaceutical laboratories, CIP rooms, etc.

Chemical-resistant industrial floors

van Geffen ceramic industrial flooring developed its chemical-resistant industrial floor system in 1985 by using hexagonal ceramic tiles, and has constantly improved it ever since.

Due to the advantageous material characteristics, it is possible to create extremely durable flooring that can resist the highest possible mechanical loads and has extreme chemical resistance. This makes the flooring well suited to the food industry.

Benefits of Prothexa-ker ceramic industrial flooring

Some advantages of our Prothexa-ker ceramic industrial floor systems are:

  • Extremely high compressive and bending strength
  • Chemical resistance
  • Hygienic
  • Extremely high resistance to wear
  • Thermal resistance
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Ultimate breaking strength
  • Non-visible repairs possible

van Geffen works with specially educated and highly qualified employees to ensure the best production and quality worldwide.

Hexagonal industrial floor tiles

Prothexa-ker hexagonal industrial floor tiles have many prominent advantages. These ceramic tiles exceed DIN 1858 standards and are acid, caustic and solvent-resistant. When the joints are filled with a three-component pro 101 epoxy, this also applies for the entire floor area.

The tiles are moisture and frost proof. From a hygiene point of view, maintenance is particularly easy, and maintenance efforts therefore minimal.

Independent of the tile’s thickness, compressive strength amounts to 320N/mm², and ending strength to more than 40N/mm². A thicker tile spreads the burden of weight better. The ultimate breaking strength also increases with the thickness of the tile. A certain amount of ‘over-thickness’ will therefore offer optimal protection against extreme burdening.

The tiles are obtuse-angled, short-sided and have a very small joint, meaning bumping burdening on the tiles edges is reduced to a minimum. This makes them better able to resist heavy traffic.

Industrial floor accessories

Prothexa-ker products for industrial floors include all bonding, stress release layers, waterproof and chemical resistance membranes, stainless-steel gutters and drains, plinth tiles, dilatation profiles, stainless-steel collision security systems, etc.

Customisable industrial flooring

Van Geffen ceramic industrial flooring comes in many different systems, meaning we have a floor solution for any application. We have more than 20,000m² of products permanently in stock in different colours and anti-slip surfaces, fulfilling all of the requirements of trade associations from R10 to R13 and V04 to V10.

The advantages of Prothexa-ker floor systems are their excellent form, shape, thickness and installation method. Together with our qualified personnel, most problems will be solved by using the Prothexa-ker system.

Chemical, mechanical and thermical-resistant flooring

Our ceramic industrial floors are successfully used in a range of companies where the highest chemical, mechanical and thermical resistance is required. The material’s excellent characteristics allow easy maintenance, resulting in lower cost.

About van Geffen

We are a company from the Netherlands and have manufactured industrial flooring since 1965. The Prothexa-ker system has been applied worldwide for several years. Many customers have found the solution to their problems through our ceramic industrial floor tiles.

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