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European Ingredients Supply & Services (EISS) offers high-quality ingredients for food manufacturers, specialising in soybean derivatives such as full-fat soy flours, grits, textured / defatted proteins and organic emulsifiers.

Supplied by manufacturing facilities across Europe, the company aims to meet the rising demand for vegetarian meat alternatives, including non-genetically modified organism (GMO) soy products such as textured soy protein.

Textured soy protein for vegetarian meat alternatives

EISS’s textured soy protein is available in different sizes and shapes, ranging from granules to slices and chunks. They are manufactured from European soybeans in a facility that holds a certification programme recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)

Containing 50% protein, the product resembles the texture of cooked ground beef once re-hydrated.

EISS’s textured soy proteins absorb moisture while enhancing the texture and flavour of food. They are suitable for both vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Soy protein with high omega acid and omega-3 fatty acids

EISS’s soy products are some of the most versatile and complete proteins. They can be used in a large number of food applications, including baked foods, breakfast cereals and animal feed.

Soy protein concentrate can be used within meat products to increase water and fat retention, as well as improve nutritional values.

The soy contains high amounts of essential amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids and isoflavones.

Soy ingredients for high-protein bread

EISS’s soy can be used in the bakery industry, including as an ingredient in high-protein bread.

Soy delivers numerous advantages in bakery applications and processes, including improved machinability and increased dough quality.

Full-fat and defatted soy flours retain moisture in bread, while improving yield.

Low-fat, full-fat and defatted soy flours are suitable for other food in the baked goods industry, including cookies, cakes, doughnuts, wafers and biscuits.

These flours are made in Europe using non-GMO soybeans. The company’s robust and certified non-GMO programme assures high levels of traceability.

Organic emulsifiers for food products

A recent change in legislation has seen that conventional non-GMO lecithins can no longer be used in organic products.  These fats are used in applications ranging from animal feed and food processing to the pharmaceutical industry.

This versatile ingredient improves quality in a large array of products. EISS offers a natural and ecological approach offering lecithins for the food industry. The company understands the requirements of manufacturers in relation to food quality, legal compliance and traceability.

Grown without the use of pesticides, the company’s organic emulsifiers allow for the manufacturing of lecithin fats by mechanical pressing, separation and drying.

EISS’s Organic Soybean and Sunflower Lecithin is available as a fluid or de-oiled powder. They have full origin traceability.

About EISS

EISS understands clients’ specific needs and offers customised solutions.

The company ensures transparency, legal compliance and traceability, with many years of experience.

EISS’s team provides technical support, while its supply partners manufacture high-quality ingredients.

Please contact EISS for more information, samples and prices.

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