Corazza Dosing and Packaging Lines for Processed Cheese, Butter, Yeast and Soup Cubes
RC - Complete Lines For Pressed Soup Cubes and Machinery Reconditioning

Corazza was founded by Natalino Corazza in 1954 and has since its very beginning been manufacturing dosing and wrapping machines for the food industry.

Corazza’s consolidated expertise, along with its commitment to developing and manufacturing high-performance solutions to meet the needs and expectations of customers all over the world, has made the company the global leader in dosing, wrapping and packaging lines for processed cheese and soup cubes.

RC was founded in 1973 in S. Giorgio di Piano (Bologna, Italy) and began its activity reconditioning dosing and wrapping machines for soup cubes built by Corazza.

RC progressively extended its know-how and proficiency and specialised in the reconditioning of complete lines for soup cubes including equipment of other important manufacturers.

From 1994 RC started producing its own packaging machines for pressed soup cubes, and is now one of the leading companies in the world in the manufacturing of complete turnkey lines.

Corazza – dosing and primary packaging technology

Corazza provides fully automatic lines for dosing and wrapping (in aluminium foil wraps) many different kinds of products, including cheese, soup cubes and butter.

Dosing and wrapping lines for cheese

Corazza’s dosing and wrapping lines are suitable for processed cheese, cream and fresh cheese. Shape and weight of portions are:

  • Triangular: from 12.5g up to 30g
  • Square: from 5g up to 500g
  • Rectangular: from 10g up to 500g
  • Round: from 10g up to 250g

Dosing and wrapping lines for soup cubes

Corazza’s dosing and wrapping lines for soup cubes are for portions between 9g and 13g. The capacity range is:

  • 280 portions/min
  • 700 portions/min
  • 1,200 portions/min

Dosing and wrapping lines for butter

Corazza’s dosing and wrapping lines for butter are for 7g to 25g portions. The capacity range is:

  • 260 – 280 portions/min
  • 700 portions/min

Secondary packaging and end-of-line machines

Corazza also supplies easy-to-run and long-lasting machines for:

  • Banding and label application
  • Box / tray packing
  • Box / tray erecting

The machines are manufactured by employing stainless-steel materials and their main movements are driven by servo motors thus guaranteeing high flexibility, quick change-over operations and easy maintenance.

RC – complete packaging lines for pressed soup cubes

RC’s high-speed automatic line is designed to work with pressed bouillon cubes with a speed of 800 tablets per minute. The line, which is a result of the company’s continuous research into pressed soup cubes, is formed of a press machine, a wrapping machine and a cartoning machine.

The PDP/V rotary press is designed to press low-fat, medium-humid products. It is an automatic and full mechanical machine which can be equipped with an automatic feeding system that ensures an optimal product level inside the moulds and a continuous production with an extremely constant press.

The I6/V wrapping machine is conceived to wrap small and medium products reaching high level performances. It is equipped with four heads that are completely movable automatically for hygienisation. Stainless-steel product contact parts and a centralised lubrication system ensure longevity.

The CS300/V-STRAT cartoning machine is designed for small to medium-sized products. It features running-off open flat blanks on which, with proper blank adaptations, both traditional and re-closeable fliptop lid cartons can be used. Optimised tooling change minimises production downtimes.

Reconditioned equipment for bouillon cubes, processed cheese and butter

RC is also focused on supplying a wide range of high-quality, fully refurbished, cost-effective packaging solutions for soft and pressed bouillon cubes, processed cheese and butter.

RC re-engineers all types of equipment in its market range to the highest standards to meet the exacting demands of modern legislation and to improve performance and efficiency.

The extreme professionalism of its specialists allows RC to recondition any packaging machine regardless of its initial condition and to provide a special ‘as new’ guarantee.

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