Coregas Speciality Gases to Preserve Food Quality, Ripen Fruit and Improve Crop Yield

Coregas manufactures and distributes cryogenic liquids, speciality gases and gas-handling equipment to ripen fruit and increase crop yield, as well as support quality assurance (QA) in packaged food and beverages.

The company’s gases are also used as propellants in aerosol packaging, while its cryogenic liquids have applications in fast freezing, which preserves natural flavours while improving shelf-life.

Coregas specialises in supplying food-grade gases for applications such as modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) filling, refrigerants for air-conditioning units and special mixtures to calibrate testing equipment in food laboratories.

Since it was founded in 1974, Coregas has continued to expand and develop its portfolio of gases, service offerings and distribution networks internationally.

Specialised preservative gases for food and drinks

Coregas provides food-grade carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen for use within modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). This carbon dioxide can also be used as a post-mix gas for ciders, soft drinks and other carbonated beverages.

The company offers gases to meet client requirements in specified volumes and frequencies, as well as the equipment needed. Available options include common and rare gases or mixtures.

High-quality packaging gases and product reference gases

Coregas meets Australian / New Zealand (AS/NZS) International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) 9001 guidelines for the manufacture, packaging and distribution of its gases.

Its food-grade gases comply with Australian Food Code Standards and European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) IGC Doc 126/11/E ‘Minimum Specifications for Food Gas Applications’.

Coregas’s laboratory provides chemical testing and product reference gases for speciality batches. It was one of the first companies in the Australian gas industry to receive National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accreditation to manufacture reference gas mixtures.

Gases to stimulate fruit ripening

Coregas offers gas products for the agriculture market, including speciality mixtures of 4% ethylene in nitrogen for ripening fruit.

Used for products such as green avocados, citrus fruits, persimmon, kiwi, tomatoes and bananas, this gas is a safer mixture than 5% ethylene mixtures or pure, which have been associated with fatal accidents or explosions in past decades.

Mixtures of 4% ethylene in nitrogen have been used as a standard ripening gas worldwide since 2010.

Carbon dioxide to increase crop yield

Coregas provides carbon dioxide gases for hydroponics and greenhouse growing applications.

Elevated levels of carbon dioxide increase the growth rate of plants while also offering a fumigation technique. These levels can be optimised to increase crop yield by up to 40% in winter months. Vegetables grown in these conditions are also more uniform and are of higher quality.

Nitrous oxide as a propellant in aerosol cream packaging

Coregas supplies nitrous oxide for use as an aerosol for whipped cream product packaging and head space inerting in milk bottling. This gas is compatible with aerosol creams and is safe for human consumption.

The company’s nitrous oxide is also used as a pain killer in maternity wards.

Coregas specialises in sourcing propellants suitable for these applications. The gas is delivered in large quantities.

Gas production facilities in Australia and New Zealand

Coregas’s production, storage and distribution network supports the continuous supply of high-quality gas across Australia and New Zealand.

Most Coregas branches have storage tanks and filling facilities to ensure the company can meet next-day delivery requirements on stocked gases.

The company has one of the largest air separation and hydrogen production facilities in the Southern Hemisphere, which produces oxygen, nitrogen, argon and hydrogen in bulk. This is supported by an acetylene plant and a helium filling facility.

Coregas works closely with distribution partners to supply small batches of gas as close to a client’s location as possible for quick delivery. For bulk supply, the company owns and operates a large modern fleet of tankers and trucks to transport liquid gas throughout Australia.

High-capacity cylinders and gas supply

Coregas offers state-of-the-art cylinder technologies such as high-capacity units and packs up to 300bar. This enables clients to reduce their cylinder holdings while maintaining the same volumes of gas stored on site.

The company can manage an entire gas supply using remote monitoring equipment or regular delivery schedules.

Coregas’s customer services and sales engineers are available to provide support for technical or general enquiries.

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