Vibrofloors World Group Industrial Flooring Systems for Food Processing Facilities


Vibrofloors World Group provides industrial flooring solutions to clients worldwide. From design assessment to installation, the company is committed to delivering world-class ceramic floors.

With more than two million square metres of flooring installed worldwide, Vibrofloors uses fully vitrified German ceramic tiles for maximum performance.

Vibration-resistant flooring

The company uses state-of-the-art technology, laser-guided screeding machines and vibration technology to ensure its products can withstand heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, forklifts and pallet trolleys.

Turnkey systems, underground piping, trenches and floor drains

Vibrofloors specialises in turnkey systems, including underground piping, stainless-steel trenches, floor drains, clean outs and other flooring systems components.

The company has the necessary knowledge and experience in incorporating these parts into an existing flooring system, so that clients have a reliable, long-lasting solution installed in their facility. All turnkey systems come with a ten-year warranty.

Industrial flooring refurbishment

In addition to floor solutions, Vibrofloors also refurbishes existing industrial floors, including tiling underneath operating equipment. When starting a new project, the company analyses client’s needs, working methods and local conditions.

By taking supporting structure design, industrial layout and drainage distribution into consideration, Vibrofloors delivers optimal ceramic floors for all kinds of food processing environments. Vibrofloors’ specialists carefully plan and carry out each project, calling on their extensive experience to ensure a high-quality result.

Durable, hygienic industrial floors

Ceramic technology has revolutionised the flooring industry by introducing numerous innovative applications and refining traditional ones.

Vibrofloors uses acid and chemical-resistant technology and combines its fully vitrified tiles with a custom epoxy and stainless-steel jointing system. The result is a durable, hygienic industrial floor with a life expectancy of more than 25 years.

Machinery, pallet trolleys, forklifts and trucks: all pose a challenge for any industrial floor, generating static and dynamic loading points. Vibrofloors implements state-of-the-art vibration technology to ensure floors can withstand heavy-duty loads and vehicles.

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