Avure Technologies Enhanced Food Safety and Extended Shelf Life with High-Pressure Processing (HPP)


Avure Technologies is a global leader in high pressure processing (HPP) solutions, with a history of innovation and more than 30 years helping food processors create and launch successful HPP products.

Food processors worldwide choose HPP systems from Avure to naturally eliminate food-borne pathogens and extend shelf life – without the addition of chemicals or taste and texture-robbing heat treatment. From cold-pressed fresh juices to ready-to-eat meats and raw protein, deli salads to condiments, or soups to guacamole and salsas, Avure HPP is driving innovation for consumers demanding fresh, convenient and safe foods. Seafood processors use Avure’s patented HPP solutions for shucking and shelling of shellfish with reduced labor costs and 100% meat separation.

Market-leading high pressure processing equipment

Avure HPP systems have been engineered to meet the requirements of all processors, from research and development facilities to high-volume processors.

High-throughput HPP systems

Though sized for small and medium producers, the Avure QFP 100L-600 can handle high throughput, while making HPP more accessible than ever. With its 100 liter capacity, high throughput, low initial and operating costs, ease of use, and maintenance features, it dramatically lowers the cost and risk of entry into high pressure processing.

The horizontal orientation of the 100L allows single direction, in line product flow that is compatible with most HACCP and QA programs, and is designed to take up minimal floor space. Equipped with the industry standard 30XQ multi intensifier pumping and decompression system, the 100L system provides fast compression and decompression and excellent throughput due to its large processing vessel diameter.

Designed for high throughput in large-volume plant operations, the Avure QFP 215L-600 is one of the most popular production HPP systems in the world. The 215L achieves the most space efficient layout of equipment by placing the pump and other supporting mechanical equipment at a sub-level below that of the vessel operator. This minimizes overall plant space requirements and facilitates rapid product throughput since the system does not have to be drained at the end of every cycle.

Horizontal HPP system

The Avure QFP 350L-600 is the reliable gold standard of horizontal HPP systems, used widely around the world by toll processors and food producers. With a working capacity of 350 liters per cycle and the world’s fastest cycle times of any HPP system in its class, the 350L reliably processes more products per cycle than any other available system, except for the Avure QFP 525L.

Large-volume HPP system

The Avure QFP 525L-600 is the latest large-volume system designed with features to minimize operating costs and maximize uptime, able to process 525 liters per cycle, and ten cycles per hour (translating to more than 4t of processing in an hour). The 525L makes HPP more attainable for food and beverage processors of all sizes, offering the highest throughput and largest diameter in the industry. Footprint economy, enhanced safety features and ease of installation have been designed into the 525L.

Unmatched food science, HACCP planning, dedicated lab services

Along with the high capacity, reliability and low operating costs that are the hallmark of our equipment offerings, Avure delivers food science, dedicated lab services and food science assistance with HACCP planning, trials and recipe formulations.

With access to Avure’s HPP development expertise and our pilot plant, you can explore the processing characteristics and benefits of HPP technology and leverage expert guidance on facilities requirements, equipment, product automation, product optimization, packaging, regulatory issues, and other success factors in launching your HPP product.

Avure Competitive Advantage Program

Our world-class service and support are provided through a global network of engineers and technicians, who provide complete installation, start-up and training, inspection services for optimum performance, and parts replacement for maximum uptime.

Because your success is our priority, the Avure Competitive Advantage Program (ACAP) offers benefits such as:

  • Selective discounts on on-site training, and spare parts
  • Access to our food lab and food scientists
  • Free service during warranty period
  • Discounted inspections
  • Dedicated customer service
  • SCADA remote access support
  • Free annual System Uptime Review and Evaluation (SURE) visits

Avure HPP systems owners also get access to the Avure HPP Knowledgebase that provides users with maintenance journals, operation and maintenance manuals, drawings, contact information, online quoting of replacement parts, and much more.

Avure toller network: the advantages of HPP without equipment investment

Avure has a growing network of certified HPP tollers offering a range of services in the Americas, Asia and Europe for processing, from start-up to long-term production, new product trials or seasonal growth. Partnering with an Avure toller offers the benefits of HPP with lower financial commitment and reduced time-to-market.

About Avure

An innovator with a strong record of accomplishment, Avure Technologies demonstrates its expertise in high pressure by occupying leadership positions in industrial and food applications. Avure is the largest provider of ultra-high pressure systems to pasteurize foods without heat or chemicals, enhance material properties, and form sheet metal. The company offers total solutions to keep food pathogen-free and stay fresh for longer. Its equipment, including the high-capacity QFP 350L and the small footprint 100L, now processes the vast majority of all HPP-treated consumer food products globally.

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