Machine Applications Corporation Moisture Analysers and Steam Flow Meters

Machine Applications Corporation manufactures high-quality, heavy-duty, industrial instruments, and specialises in temperature moisture measurement for the food industry.

Moisture analyser for measurement of absolute humidity

Machine Applications Corporation’s MAC125 moisture analyser measures absolute humidity at any temperature without using chemicals, compressed air, wet bulb techniques, optics or mirrors.

The analyser can be used in complex industrial applications worldwide. The probe is protected from particulates by a ten micron ceramic filter element, which can be cleaned and replaced.

Machine Applications Corporation uses a proprietary sensor in their products, which responds to partial pressure of water vapour. Total pressure is measured, and the moisture level is calculated from the ratio of pressures.

The company also produces MAC125-HT, which can be installed in areas with highly ambient temperatures. MAC125-HT is a two-piece solution for installations where ambient temperature at the sample point exceeds 130°F / 55°C.

The system includes a probe and a remote electronics cabinet that can be mounted up to 100ft / 30m away from the probe.

MAC125-ES is designed for installations where extractive sampling is desired. A heated sample line is connected to a compression fitting on the MAC125-ES.

Various connection styles are available.

Steam flow meters for the food industry

Machine Applications Corporation provides steam flow meters for the accurate measurement and control of process steam for end-of-the-run applications.

Applications include steam injection to process ovens, atmospheric blanchers, sparging tanks, steam eductors, and applications where steam is exhausted through a pipe manifold or nozzles to near atmospheric pressure.

Mass flow rate of steam is indicated in pounds per hour on a calibrated panel gauge. The meters are fully mechanical in operation with no moving parts and no obstructions in the steam flow path.

Internal wetted parts are manufactured from 300 series stainless steel for long-term durability and corrosion resistance.

Metering components for industrial use

Machine Applications Corporation produces metering components to withstand demanding industrial use, including continuous operation, repeated chemical washdown and outdoor applications.

Steam flow meters operate on critical flow principles and include a proprietary venturi flow nozzle characterised by a convergent bellmouth inlet, minimum area throat and conical diffuser.

Upstream pressure is converted to velocity as steam flows through the converging inlet. Velocity increases along the restrictive inlet until sonic velocity is achieved at the nozzled throat.

Sonic velocity is the maximum obtainable speed at which the flow may pass through the nozzle throat. It is converted back to static pressure in the diffuser and mass flow rate is proportional to upstream pressure.

Steam flow meters operate by using a small pressure drop across the nozzle.

The proprietary inlet, throat and diffuser design ensures exit pressure is as high as 90% of the inlet pressure for ideal operation.

Steam flow meters operate in any flow orientation and can be reconfigured in the field to a different direction. The steam flow rate is controlled by throttling on the inlet side of the steam meter.

Manual and speciality control valves or pressure regulators may be used as pressure reducing devices.

Steam flow rate transmitters

Machine Applications Corporation specialises in steam flow rate transmitters that measure and provide control of process steam for end-of-the-run applications.

Steam flow rate transmitters supply an analogue output signal suitable for driving remote digital indicators, chart recorders or closing the loop to a process controller.

Analogue output signals may be specified as 0VDC – 5VDC, 4mA – 20mA or 0mA – 20mA.

The company offers pressure transducers with signal conditioning electronics within the transmitter for a linear signal proportional to mass flow rate over the full rate range.

Mass flow rate is metered from zero flow to full-scale capacity. A calibrated panel gauge is included for local indication of the steam rate.

Electrical connections can be made through a watertight connector on the enclosure, which has control power and signal wires connected to numbered screws inside the cover.

Connectors can be threaded to liquid tight electrical conduit, and have no moving parts or obstructions.

Internal wetted parts for flow meters

Machine Applications Corporation’s range of meters incorporates a proprietary venturi flow nozzle, which allows upstream pressure to be converted to velocity.

Steam flow rate transmitters do not require calibration at a fixed upstream operating pressure and differential pressure is not measured.

The mass flow rate of transmitters are strictly proportional to the pressure at the inlet of the critical flow venturi, and steam to atmosphere and open tank applications can meet these operating conditions.

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