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We offer customised automation solutions for a variety of industry applications. Our speciality and focus is within the processing and food industry. Our range of knowledge and deliveries stretches from a single process cell to an entire factory. Services that highlight our offer are design, construction, documentation and programming of electrical and automation equipment, as well as troubleshooting and commissioning.

Our ability to understand the interaction between electrical, automation and process is the key to bringing success to your business.

PLC – automation control systems

We use well-known automation platforms from leading suppliers such as Siemens, Allen Bradley, Wonderware and Beijer. By using these known platforms, together with standardised PLC and HMI programming methodology following ISA and IEC international recommendations, we can provide you with stable and long-lasting automation solutions.

HMI development for food production

Our development team is well aware of the importance of having well-designed HMIs. Based on years of experience it’s clear that a poor HMI is directly connected with production downtime and low utilisation rates. With our skills and on-site experience we know how to design a HMI that will enable your operators to gain full control and confidence in daily operation.

In larger contexts we install centralised PC-based SCADA systems. This enables an overview on factory level and promotes quicker fault and bottleneck tracing, increasing general awareness and efficiency amongst production, service and management staff.

Applying international design standards to food production

The core benefits of applying international design standards are easily justified by their benefits for us as a vendor and you as an end-user. Implementing the standards on a programming level enables consistent and replicable code, which in return enables a consistent production with higher quality.

A well-designed application using the international standards from ISA and IEC will also open up the possibility to connect third-party applications for logging, batch control, reporting, etc.

The standards we are supporting are:

  • ANSI/ISA-88 (S88)
  • ANSI/ISA-95 (S95) Level 1, 2 and 3
  • IEC 61131-x programmable controllers
  • IEC 61512-x batch control

Merging office and production – linking equipment to central data storage

A door opener for gaining access to data reports, analysis, recipe handling, quality and delivery traceability, etc. is to connect production utility, equipment and machines to a supervisory system. Linking them together opens up and enables real-time process data necessary for decision taking, quality assurance, data reporting, follow ups and troubleshooting.

We have many years of experience linking new and existing equipment to central data storage through various OPC links and databases.

Commissioning and services

Commissioning a process or machine often involves communication and interaction between several solution providers as parts of a complete factory. We therefore attach great importance to our policy of being open, communicative and cooperative to ensure that our end customer gets the highest possible quality and functionality.

Our experience comes from commissioning and troubleshooting equipment like pasteurisers, deaerators, carbonating, blending, mixing and distribution equipment.

At site we follow local regulations and rules and we honour the statement that safety comes first as our highest priority in all cases.

System upgrades to prevent costly downtime

Interruptions in production can have devastating consequences for a business. It is essential to provide stable, uninterrupted production to ensure that your customer gets their orders in time and with the right quality. Imagine losing a customer due to a simple breakdown of a single device with no spare parts available. The investment of an upgrade is quickly justified by its nature of economical return. It simply pays for itself.

We provide system upgrades including software conversion of PLC and HMI, electrical and system documentation. Functionality is maintained or improved followed by knowledge transfer to staff, keeping production disturbance to a minimum.

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