Graycorp Integrated Financial Accounting, Distribution and Manufacturing Software

Graycorp provides food and beverage manufacturers with a fully integrated software solution that enables them to make informed business decisions and achieve optimum results.

The company began in 1992 with the launch of its flagship Gcorp Enterprise software, a fully integrated financial accounting, distribution and manufacturing software suite, and has since grown to become a well-respected software provider, with a team of highly skilled personnel that use their commercial experience in the food and beverage industry to provide exceptional service.

Food and beverage business software – finance modules

A food and beverage manufacturer’s financial position needs to be monitored carefully to ensure long-term business success and future growth. To achieve this you need fast and reliable access to accurate, real-time information that aids in the day-to-day running of the business and supports the decision-making processes that are vital to ensuring continued success.

Many companies issue hundreds of invoices a month and often have to manage complex financial arrangements with customers. The finance modules of Graycorp’s software suite cover a wide range of processes and allow you to manage diverse aspects of a company’s finances simply and efficiently.

The finance modules, including some of the key features within each, are as follows:

  • Accounts payable – supplier invoice processing, automated remittance advice preparation, supplier transaction history reporting
  • Accounts receivable – direct invoice and credit note processing, cash receipts processing, real-time customer sales analysis and reporting
  • Point of sale – support for cash, credit and account transactions, real-time updates for product pricing, support for product bundles
  • Customer relationship management – contact management facility, comprehensive reporting on historical sales, relationship grading facility
  • General ledger – general ledger analysis and reporting groupings, multiple general ledger budgets, real-time account details reporting facilities
  • Cash management – full bank reconciliation system, real-time processing to general ledger
  • Financial reporting – real-time P&L and balance sheet reports, supplier and customer history reports, comprehensive report writing facility

Software modules for food distribution processes

Distribution activities can affect many aspects of business operations – from purchasing and inventory control, to sales analysis, quoting and delivery performance. This includes the management of stock at multiple locations and third-party sites, such as distribution agents.

The distribution modules of Graycorp’s software solution, including some key features of each, are:

  • Inventory management – multiple branch / warehouse inventory control, comprehensive stock take selection and update procedures, comprehensive inventory movement reporting and analysis
  • Purchasing – outstanding purchase orders reporting and analysis, comprehensive cost change history
  • Goods receipting – real-time goods receipt reporting and analysis capability, real-time supplier performance reporting facility
  • Sales forecasting – weekly sales volume forecasts, gross sales value and margin reporting
  • Sales quotations – easy-to-use copy quote facility, real-time sales quote reporting and analysis capabilities
  • Sales orders – automatic handling of back orders, sales order modification and cancellation facilities
  • Picking slips – electronic notification of active sales orders awaiting picking, automatic sales invoice creation

Software modules for food and beverage production

The food and beverage industries are extremely competitive and nowadays companies must consistently deliver high-volume production in short lead times. Accurate sales forecasts, which drive the key operations of the business, are a vital tool that can help establish a strong competitive advantage.

The production modules of Graycorp’s software suite, including some key features of each, are as follows:

  • Recipe management (via bills of material [BOM]) – multi-level BOMs, BOM copy facility
  • Costing – manufactured cost break-downs, real-time cost variance reporting
  • Work orders – automatic work order creation, bulk master production scheduling, internal manufacturing request facility
  • Material issues – material issues adjustment facility, automatic general ledger postings, comprehensive costing of material
  • Employee timesheets – comprehensive real-time labour times reporting and analysis
  • Production releases – comprehensive real time reporting and analysis of units produced, support for by-products and/or co-products
  • Work in progress tracking – multiple works order status and variance reports, process load management
  • Production scheduling – variable production routing, automatic scheduling, real-time schedule updates
  • Barcode tracking – daily production reporting capability, real-time work order process stage reporting
  • Material requirements planning (MRP) – rapid MRP re-generation, comprehensive material requirement reporting
  • Capacity planning – labour resource capacity planning, rough cut capacity planning

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