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Rotronic Handheld Humidity and Water Measurement Devices, Sensors, and Data Loggers

ROTRONIC humidity instruments

Rotronic presents a range of data loggers, sensors, and probes for measuring relative humidity, temperature, dew point, differential pressure, flow, CO2, and water activity.

All of Rotronic’s solutions are highly accurate and are suitable for laboratories and industrial-scale food production environments. The company’s sensors are crucial for applications where constant and consistent humidity measurements are required, such as the food and agricultural industries.

Rotronic’s products are typically used to control and monitor ventilating, drying, temperature management in storage, and monitoring water activity in perishable foods.

Probes and filters for measuring humidity and temperature

In the food industry, storing food at the appropriate temperature is of paramount importance. Many foods are temperature-sensitive and if stored incorrectly may over-ripen or not develop desired flavours and textures. Chilled foods also require specific storage temperatures to slow bacterial growth and ensure safe consumption. Monitoring devices ensure precise measurements, which lead to compliance with health and safety requirements and fewer waste products.

The HygroClip 2 is a new humidity probe with high levels of accuracy and performance. It is available as both a cable probe for use in high-temperatures, or as a plug-in probe for data loggers. It is versatile, calculating humidity, temperature and dew-frost points and can work in a range of -100°C to 200°C, and 0 to 100% relative humidity (rh).

All Rotronic’s probes include Airchip3000 technology, which provides its unique calibration and adjustment process. It is responsible for the high-accuracy measurements and enables communication between the device and software or systems via wireless, USB, or ethernet.

Water activity measurements in perishable foods

Water activity has a direct influence on a product’s shelf life. Most foods have a water activity of 0.95, which can support the growth of micro-organisms. It can also affect aroma, taste, and stability. Water activity also varies with temperature, so it is as important to monitor food stored at room temperature as those in cold storage.

Rotronic offers a variety of water activity monitoring products to suit different industries and customer needs.

The Station probe HC2-AW is perfect for multi-stations as many can be connected to a single computer. It can record measurements at temperatures between -40°C and 85°C.

HygroLab C1 is effective for measuring water activity in products such as cheese, animal feed, and meat. It can also be used through a USB connection and together with the Rotronic HW4-Quick Software delivers results in five minutes.

AwTherm allows for users to carry out temperature stabilised water activity measurements, which provides an indication to its chemical, microbiological, and enzymatic stability at a specific temperature (between 0°C and 60°C). It has a removable measuring head, allowing for quick re-calibration.

Data loggers for long-term monitoring of temperature and humidity

Long-term monitoring of temperature and humidity is crucial in production, storage, and transport. Rotronic’s data loggers provide important information of how the environment changes over time, allowing for quick analysis and greater control.

Each measurement of the wireless temperature logger HL-RC-T030 is clearly time-stamped and it can consistently record for up to six years. It also has a flash memory in the event of power failure and can be positioned remotely, transmitting data up to 300 meters.

All of Rotronic’s data loggers comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP 4. There is a large range of interchangeable probes, covering a variety of environments. Recorded data can be shown in a graph or table for easy analysis.

About Rotronic

Rotronic sells its products in more than 40 countries worldwide. It has branches in the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, China, Singapore, and headquarters Switzerland.

The company is known for its high-accuracy temperature management, which are continuously enhanced. Its product portfolio measures a wide range of criteria, including:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • CO2
  • Differential pressure
  • Flow
  • Pressure
  • Dew point

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Press Release

Battery Ventures to Acquire Rotronic

Rotronic has announced that it will be acquired by Process Sensing Technologies (PST), a platform owned by global technology-investment firm Battery Ventures


Grindelstrasse 6

CH-8303 Bassersdorf



+41 44 838 11 44 +41 44 838 14 87 Company Video

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Press Release

26th August 2017

The new ROTRONIC monitoring system (RMS) checks, documents, and visualises all required measurements and makes them available to the user in the desired form.

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8th August 2017

ROTRONIC has enhanced its temperature measurement device portfolio with its latest handheld TP31 series.

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25th July 2017

ROTRONIC's BF2 series of measurement transmitters, BF220 process pressure transmitter, and the BF227 are available with RS-485 communication.

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17th July 2017

Rotronic has announced that it will be acquired by Process Sensing Technologies (PST), a platform owned by global technology-investment firm Battery Ventures

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11th July 2017

ROTRIONIC's latest reference generator model in the HygroGen2 has a chamber volume ten times larger than the HygroGen2-S model.

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27th June 2017

Rotronic's cleanroom panel CRP5 is fitted with a diaphragm sensor and validated according to good manufacturing practice (GMP) directives.

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13th June 2017

Due to the value and sensitivity of pharmaceuticals, there are various directives prescribing specific cold-chain conditions that need to be met when they are transported.

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30th May 2017

Rotronic's CRP1 cleanroom panel is a compact and simple-handling device, which is compatible with HygroClip2. The device registers humidity to a high degree of accuracy.

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16th May 2017

ROTRONIC's AwTherm is a high-end laboratory measurement unit for temperature-stabilised water activity in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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2nd December 2016

Rotronic has announced the development of a new Rotronic Monitoring System (RMS), which checks documents and visualises all required measurements and makes them available to the user in a desired form.

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21st November 2016

Rotronic's new CRP5 cleanroom panel is fitted with a diaphragm sensor and validated according to good manufacturing practices (GMP) directives.

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4th November 2016

The CRP1 clean-room panel is characterised by its compact construction and simple handling.

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Regional Offices


Grindelstrasse 6

CH-8303 Bassersdorf



+41 44 838 11 44 +41 44 838 14 87 Company Video
Rotronic Italia srl

Via Repubblica di San Marino,1

I- 20157 Milano


+39 02 39 00 71 90 +39 02 33 27 62 99
ROTRONIC Messgeräte GmbH

Einsteinstrasse 17-23

D-76275 Ettlingen



+49 7243 383 250 +49 7243 383 260

56, Bld. de Courcerin

F-77183 Croissy Beaubourg


+33 160 95 07 10 +33 160 17 12 56
ROTRONIC Instruments (UK) Ltd.

Crompton Fields

Crompton Way


RH10 9EE

West Sussex

United Kingdom

+44 1293 571000 +44 1293 571008
ROTRONIC Instrument Corp.

Suite 150

135 Engineers Road


NY 11788

New York

United States of America

+1 631 427 3898 +1 631 427 3902
ROTRONIC Canada Inc.

236 Pritchard Rd

Unit 204


L8W 3P7



+1 905-383-5593 +1 905-383-5593
ROTRONIC Shanghai Rep. Office

2B, Zao Fong Universe Building

No. 1800 Zhong Shan West Road



Inno Centre, 1003 Bukit Merah Central



+65 63762107 +65 63764439

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