Teralba Industries Mixers, Agitators and Heat Exchangers for Food Processing

Teralba Industries is an established manufacturer of a wide range of fluid process mixers, agitators and heat exchangers for applications in the food processing industry.

Based in Australia, Teralba’s key brands include Mixquip®, Rummager® and Statflo™. Teralba’s team of engineering staff work closely with customers to determine their requirements, enabling the company to deliver the solution that exactly meets specific application demands.

Clamp-on mixers for open-top tanks

Suitable for mixing fluids of light to medium viscosity, Mixquip clamp-on agitators can quickly be fitted to open-top tanks, transforming a storage container into an efficient mixing vessel. Featuring a flexible design with a universal clamp assembly, the shaft entry angle can easily be adjusted in two planes.

From blending ingredients, dispersing powders into liquids or maintaining solutions in suspension, the adaptable agitator can be used for multiple functions due to its variable speed-electric or pneumatic drives.

Anchor mixers for medium to high viscosity food products

Mixquip’s anchor mixers are ideal for use on medium to high viscosity food products. They work by forcing product movement through the complete batch, homogenising viscous fluids and improving heat transfer. Contra-rotating anchor mixers have a secondary agitator that can provide a beating, pumping or shearing action.

Combining an anchor agitator with a high-speed disperser, Teralba’s dual shaft mixer feeds the mixture into the high-speed disperser blade while ensuring the contents are constantly in motion. In addition, multiple blades on the disperser shafts, as well as a second high-speed dispersion mixer, can be added for increased shear.

Drum mixers for low to medium viscosity liquids

The Rummager Series 205 drum mixer is an effective mixer of low to medium viscosity liquids in closed drums. Using fold-out impellor blades for powerful agitation in radial and axial flow patterns, it achieves homogenous uniform quality product mixtures. The drum mixer’s dual mixing action enables fluids with high specific gravity solids to be held in suspension.

Top-entry mixers for blending, suspensions and aeration

The Mixquip Series 300 Top Entry mixers use advanced mixing technology to achieve the efficient blending of liquids and powders, suspension of solids, pH correction and aeration of liquids. Constructed from a wide variety of special alloy metals, this versatile mixer can be attached to an integral mounting on the vessel or suspended from a support structure.

RSM side-entry agitator for wine, fruit juice and vegetables oils

The Mixquip RSM Series 110 Side Entry Agitator incorporates an innovative removable mechanical seal design and a high-performance Superflo agitator. The easy-to-remove seal significantly reduces servicing downtime, as it can be easily removed and replaced while holding liquid in the tank.

The state-of-the-art Superflo impellor provides low shear mixing with a powerful axial pumping stream and is ideal for processing fluids such as wine, fruit juice and vegetable oils, where gentle low shear mixing is required.

Heat exchangers for food processing applications

Teralba Industries is a leading supplier of heat transfer equipment, offering a range of products for different food processing applications.

Dimpleflo tubular heat exchangers can be used for the heating and cooling of thick slurries, pastes, meat products, sauces, condiments, confectionery products and more. The innovative Teralba ‘dimple’ increases the turbulence of product, reducing the total surface area required for a specific task. Each tube is self-draining, can be cleaned with projectiles and is made in compliance with the relevant standards and quality assurance procedures in Australia.

The Teralba Thermpro pasteuriser, which can incorporate the company’s Dimpleflo technology, is customised to suit client requirements. With the click of a button, the machine can clean itself, removing the possibility of operator error. In addition, Teralba has integrated remote access to enable visual inspections of the machine in real-time, allowing remote software updates.

Thermpro Melters incorporate all of the unique features of Teralba thermal systems, including a range of options for pumps, filters, valves and temperatures sensors. The system is ideal for handling controlled product melting rates with low and hot water temperature differentials. Thermpro melters can produce liquid chocolate from solid forms, all without altering the chocolate’s properties.

About Teralba Industries

Each Teralba Industries product has been tested against stringent quality control measures and is stocked, assembled and distributed from our Sydney-based factory. For more than 37 years, we have provided tailor-made fluid processing solutions and quality customer service to our clients, ensuring that everything we manufacture results from a dedication to quality and innovation.

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