Sealing Solutions Supply and Refurbishment of Seals and Sealing Products for the Food Industry

Sealing Solutions specialises in the supply and refurbishment of seals and sealing products to a wide range of industries, including food, beverage and dairy. Sealing Solutions is the largest privately owned seal refurbisher in Australia.

Sealing Solutions provides dimensional replacements for all seal makes, seal refurbishment of all makes and supply of replacement parts where required. We provide quick turnaround for seal refurbishment.

Seal cleaning and decontamination

Sealing Solutions tracks and monitors your seal’s progress through every stage of the repair process. Seals and components are hygienically cleaned and finished utilising rotary hot wash, ultrasonic cleaning and vapour blasting equipment.

Seal refurbishment

We are specialists in the prompt and complete evaluation of seals in our customer service department. We use spring testing machinery, elastomeric hardness and density testing, and failure analysis to determine what kind of refurbishment is needed.

Assembly is undertaken by our experienced staff, and we can perform buffing and polishing to reinstate industry standards of surface finish for hygiene and function. We have four lapping / polishing machines in use, and we can perform cartridge seal pressure testing and insert retention testing.

Seals for the food, beverage and dairy industries

Sealing Solutions specialises in meeting the sealing requirements of the food, beverage and dairy processing industries. We manufacture, supply and refurbish OEM equivalent seals and components, many of which have been re-engineered to out-perform the originals.

We can provide everything from simple seal components to complete seal kits, which can be tailored to your specific requirements. We are an active member of key industry groups FIMMA and DIAA, and we can supply FDA-compliant seals.

We supply and repair a complete range of products – no other seal company provides the database, equipment listings and stock holding to thoroughly service these industries.

In addition to new and repaired wear-resistant pump stub shafts, we offer homogeniser wear and seal replacement components, including impact rings, passage heads, valve seats and vee-ring sets. Some of our other products are listed below.

Cartridge seals

Our single-cartridge seals are available in flush, quench and drain connection options (restriction bush provided). Our double-cartridge seals offer the latest technology for maximum emission control; we can also supply custom-built specials.

Agitator and mixer seals

As part of our agitator and mixer seal range we offer:

  • Component seals
  • Cartridge seals
  • Cartridge seals with integral bearings
  • Hygienic seals

Multi-spring, metal bellow and external seals

Our multi-spring, metal bellow and external seals are high-pressure balanced – internally and externally – for the chemical industry, hot oil applications and boiler feed duty.

Single-spring component seals

We can provide standard DIN, US, Japanese and European ranges of single-spring component seals, including elastomeric rubber bellows and diaphragm styles, conical and parallel spring O-ring mounted styles, a wave spring range, and a huge range of OEM equivalents.

Submersible pump seals and kits

Our range of submersible pump seals and kits includes:

  • ABS™
  • Flygt™
  • Forrers™
  • Grundfos™
  • Tsurumi™

Compressor and refrigeration seals

We provide a variety of compressor and refrigeration seals, including:

  • Bitzer™
  • Bock™
  • Grasso™
  • Howden™
  • Mycom™
  • Stal™
  • Sabroe™

Gaskets and seal faces / bushes / rings

In addition to our huge range of seals and seal refurbishment services, we also offer the following products:

  • Gaskets – a comprehensive range of cut and sheet options (envelope, metallic, spiral wound, etc.), pump and valve packing, and expanded PTFE joint sealant and sheets (FDA grades are available)
  • Seal faces / bushes / rings – carbon, ceramic, chrome-oxide, tungsten carbide and silicon carbides
  • Rubber products – extruded, moulded and machined profiles in all shapes and sizes (FDA grades are available)

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