AutoCrib Industrial Vending Solutions for MRO and Maintenance Tool Cribs

One missing part or maintenance item can shut down your plant and cost you thousands of dollars per hour. An innovative AutoCrib industrial vending point-of-use solution using a RoboCrib, EleVend glove vending machine, PPE vending machine, automated lockers or RFID tags with IntelliPort will cut your costs in seven ways:

  • Stock outs are reduced or eliminated
  • Reduced consumption of tools and supplies
  • Increased use of reconditioned items
  • Reductions in obsolete inventory
  • Carrying cost reductions
  • Purchasing cost reductions
  • Reductions in crib trip time

Industrial vending systems

AutoCrib industrial vending systems stop shutdowns by ensuring that you always have the right tool or part exactly where you need it. Automate the purchasing, receiving, tracking and management of critical spares, MRO, PPE, safety glasses, gloves, hair nets, power tools and other maintenance items with AutoCrib inventory management software. It is the most powerful cost-saving maintenance software available. You will reduce cycle times, control contamination, and create a secure and lean tool crib environment.

The genius and versatility of our products is driven by our tool crib software. Its intuitive technology is ultra-customizable and allows your point-of-use dispensing systems to work efficiently and securely.

AutoCrib manufactures the broadest line of purpose-built industrial vending systems in the world. AutoCrib makes:

  • The world’s most flexible industrial vending machine
  • The world’s most inventory-dense vending machine
  • The world’s only glove vending machine that doesn’t require repackaging
  • The world’s most cost-effective vending machine
  • The world’s largest industrial vending machine
  • The world’s smartest industrial vending machine
  • The world’s first vision-enabled industrial vending machine
  • The world’s most secure industrial vending machine
  • The world’s lowest cost per SKU industrial vending machine

Mix and match, add and subtract to create your own custom solution with the world’s most flexible system.

Low-cost RFID portal

The IntelliPort uses RFID tags to track your MRO and PPE items. Using a set of locking doors, the IntelliPort can secure everything behind it, which means you can manage very large items, like items on pallets, welding equipment, large tools and even conveyor belts. You can control an infinite number of items at an exceptionally low cost. This system will make your tool crib more organized and efficient. No more lost tools, parts or gauges.

Industrial vending machine with 100% inventory accuracy

RoboCrib industrial vending machines use rotating carousels to dispense items in less than seven seconds. Available in three sizes, this point-of-use dispensing system can issue and return 500, 1,000, or 2,000 small and large items as well as delicate items. The RoboCrib can vend almost anything, from tools and fasteners to mixing blades and welding tanks, making it AutoCrib’s most versatile machine.

Rapid glove and PPE dispensing machine

The EleVend is the world’s only glove and PPE dispensing machine that does not require repackaging. This machine works well with anything of consistent thickness that can be stacked, including gloves, welding sleeves, Tyvek suits, and safety glasses. Items are stored in their own mini-elevator tower that rises until the remaining inventory breaks the dual laser beams at the top of the elevator, automatically calculating how many items were taken. This machine will immediately cut glove consumption by 30%-50%.

Inventory management software – real-time inventory visibility

AutoCrib Software is a complete tool crib and stores inventory management program that allows you to take control of all aspects of your inventory, from automatic replenishment to storage, usage tracking and over 200 standard reports. You can check stock and get alerts from any computer, tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world.

This intuitive software runs all AutoCrib machines. Control access by item, budget, department, job, employee shift and crib. It also drives automatic re-orders, consumption reports, and everything you need to manage your indirect expenses, cut costs, and boost productivity.

Customized turnkey solutions with rapid payback

AutoCrib provides completely integrated turnkey solutions that are sophisticated yet simple. They include software, machines configuration and setup, installation, training, and, if you wish, integration with your distributor to manage inventory, as well as ongoing service and support. This can not only prevent shutdowns but can also cut inventory costs, waste, fraud, and lost tool costs. This will allow your tool crib to work more efficiently and significantly lower costs.

Free site survey

AutoCrib’s inventory management experts will show you how to save the most money with your industrial vending system and get the highest possible ROI with a free comprehensive, plant-wide analysis. During the survey, they will identify the fastest path to the highest payback while accelerating your processes and cutting your paperwork. They will design your customized system with no sales pressure…just great information that will drive down costs and make your job easier.

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