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Multihead Weighers and Packing Line Machinery

RV-series weigher

Ishida Europe is a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of complete weighing and packing line solutions. These solutions range from designing and setting up entire new packing halls to providing a single machine to perform a specific task.

Ishida designs and builds multihead weighers, fresh food weighers, snack food bagmakers, checkweighers, X-ray inspection systems, quality control systems, traysealers and the software that integrates them with both Ishida and other manufacturers’ equipment.

Conveyors, tray denesters and gantries

In addition, Ishida produces the conveyors, tray denesters, gantries and other equipment that enables overall systems to function smoothly and reliably.

With a worldwide base of over 65,000 installations, Ishida is recognised as an expert in the packing of ready meals, dairy products, fresh produce, poultry, meat, fish, seafood, salads, pasta, baked foods, biscuits, confectionery, snack foods, health food, cereals and non-food items into bags or trays.

Multihead weighers

Ishida invented the multihead weigher back in the 1970s and launched it into the food industry across the world. Today, Ishida has an extensive range of multihead weighers suited to many food and non-food applications. From entry-level to high-specification models, all Ishida multihead weighers combine high-speed operation with unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Snack food bagmakers

Ishida offers a range of advanced bagmakers exclusively for the snacks industry, which can be used in conjunction with Ishida multihead weighers to deliver high performance and high speed.


In most major world markets, Ishida checkweighers have an important role in ensuring that packs comply with average weight or minimum weight legislation.

Ishida is one of the world’s most experienced checkweigher manufacturers. At the heart of these machines is the load cell. Unlike many competitors, Ishida has always manufactured its own cells, and continues to develop the technology to ensure that competitive edge is matched with the accuracy and reliability for which Ishida checkweighers have become a byword.

With most Ishida checkweighers, a range of reject devices and the option of an integrated metal detector are available. All offer an integrated remote control unit and printer.

X-ray inspection systems

Ishida IX-GA inspection can be used at any stage in your process to tell you with the greatest accuracy and reliability when foreign bodies are contaminating your product, helping you and your customers avoid the medical and legal problems that might otherwise result.

Bone fragments, metal pieces, glass, stone, hard rubber and many plastics are just some of the materials reliably detected by Ishida IX-GA X-ray detection systems. These systems also offer a high level of quality control of factors such as product shape, product thickness and the number of pieces per pack.

A major European meat institute conducted a rigorous comparison of detection systems from five major manufacturers, and found the Ishida IX-GA to be easily the most reliable.


Ishida’s range of traysealers was developed jointly with well-known brands and retailers, designed to produce safe, attractive, easy-to-select products for the retail cabinet or shelf.

The result is a range of high-performance machines, able to handle packs of almost any shape or material. Ishida traysealers deliver high-quality seals, such as the well-known inside cut seal, that help make consumer products more appealing. They also provide significant reductions in film usage.

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About Ishida Europe

The company is part of the global €700 million Ishida group, which originated in Japan over 100 years ago, and has been established in the UK since 1985. Ishida Europe has its headquarters in Birmingham, UK, and serves Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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