TOMRA Sorting Food

Sorting Equipment for the Food and Non-Food Industry

TOMRA Sorting Solutions specialises in sensor-based food sorting machines and processing technology for the food industry.

The company develops innovative sorting technologies and optimises production flow to deliver high quality food.

Sorters for the food processing industry

TOMRA provides food sorters that offer an efficient solution for sorting products and increases investment. The company's sorting solutions will boost processing capacity and availability, as well as profit, quality and food safety.

Peeling solutions

TOMRA Sorting offers a wide range of peeling solutions and was the first to develop a truly intelligent peeling line.

Inspection solutions for the meat industry

TOMRA specialises in inspection solutions for the meat industry with process analytics and in-line analyser.

The company has 10,000 food sorters installed worldwide and offers a support and service network.

Benefits of TOMRA's food sorting machines include:

  • An increased processing capacity
  • An increased profit and yield
  • Lower labour costs
  • Consistent high quality food and safety
  • Ease of use and reliability

Tackling food waste

TOMRA's range of sorting solutions helps to increase the yield of produce by 5% - 10%. This is the equivalent of 25,000 trucks of potatoes every year.

About TOMRA and ODENBERG & BEST Sorting

ODENBERG & BEST Sorting are under the umbrella of the TOMRA Sorting brand.

TOMRA bought ODENBERG in 2011 and acquired unique patented technology to increase the company's growth in the food sorting and processing industry segments.

In 2012, TOMRA also purchased BEST Sorting in order to become a world leading food sorter supplier with an expanded technology portfolio.

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TOMRA Sorting Solutions

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