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Russia bans animal fats from EU countries
22 October, 2014 After several products failed to meet hygiene standards, Russia has announced a ban on import of animal fats and offal from the European Union (EU), widening its ongoing rift with the West....

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Nestlé Confectionery Plant, Cairo
10 October, 2014 Swiss food giant Nestlé opened its first confectionery plant in Egypt in June 2014. The new facility produces the chocolate-based Crunch snack bar for the domestic market and plans to...

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Out of Hours: Nuts and nibbles
15 October, 2014 As the boundaries between ‘conventional’ mealtimes blur due to increasing hectic schedules, nutritious snacking throughout the day has become more common. Sonia Sharma explores this new nibble wave...

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Siemens Braumat at The Saint Louis Brewery
The Saint Louis Brewery uses Siemens' new Braumat system at its Schlafly Bottleworks production site.