The Importance of Disinfection for Safe and Healthy Tank Water

The mice plague that has impacted rural areas in New South Wales and Queensland in Australia has raised concerns over contaminated drinking water after shocking images showed water tanks filled with poisoned mice.

The plague has lead health officials to remind rural residents that despite rainwater tanks being perceived by some to be a clean source of drinking water, they are often filled with dangerous viruses and bacteria caused by frogs, insects and bird faeces. This can lead to your drinking water being filled with pathogens such as E Coli, salmonella and giardia that places you and your family at risk of serious diseases.

All residents affected by the recent mice plague should ensure they check their rainwater tanks for possible signs of contamination and clean their tanks if they notice anything unusual. However, these hidden bacteria are difficult to identify and can reappear immediately after cleaning. This is why it is vital that residents install some form of water disinfection.

UV Guard water tank disinfection solutions

The UV Guard CWP-Series is an all-in-one purification system. It combines a unique three-step process to remove sediment, improve taste, clarity & odour whilst inactivating bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

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