FASA Catalogue 2021

The situation in the market has changed within 60 years. That is why current equipment is produced for each customer needs. FASA’s packaging equipment is designed for butter, margarine, processed cheese, curd, ice cream in waffle sandwiches, sour cream and yoghurt.

The main groups of FASA equipment

1.1. Butter, margarine

1.1.1. Packing in bricks (from 9g to 1,000g).

1.1.2. Packing in pre-made plastic containers (from 200g to 1000g) with foil sealing and lid.

1.1.3. Thermoforming machines.

1.2. Curd:

1.2.1. Packing in bricks (from 100g to 250 g). With or without flow-pack secondary packaging.

1.3. Processed cheese:

1.3.1. Packing in bricks (from 16,6g to 100 g). With or without an easy opening system and labelling.

1.3.2. Packing in bricks with individual packing of the brick in a cardboard box (from 180g to 250g). 'Craft' type.

1.4. Ice cream:

1.4.1. Packing in bricks with or without waffles. Sandwich type.

2.1. Butter homogenisers, used to restore butter properties as they were before freezing. When butter is homogenised, it is ready for packaging into customer brick-size portions

2.2. Butter block cutting machine.

2.3. Case packer for bricks, designed for grouping and stacking of butter bricks into boxes.

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