• Could probiotics be a mental health aid?

    With gut health being linked to mental health, products that can affect digestion such as probiotics may offer new routes to aiding with psychiatric disorders. We find out more.

  • May’s top news stories

    Barry Callebaut has officially launched its fourth type of chocolate in the US and Canada, and Maple Leaf Foods secured a C$2bn ($1.48bn) credit facility. wraps up the key...

  • Propack: Liquid processing machines

    A leading manufacturer of processing systems, Propack offers solutions for the biotech, cosmetic, food processing and pharmaceutical sectors. In North American, the company is represented by DJA.

  • April’s top news stories

    Nestlé is all set to launch its 100% plant-based burgers in Europe and the US, and Bubs Australia has entered into a conditional agreement to acquire Melbourne-based infant formula producer...


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