CSU's Innovation Centre

Colorado State University (CSU) has commenced construction on the JBS Global Food Innovation Center, also known as Gary & Kay Smith Global Food Innovation Center, at its main campus in Fort Collins, US.

Having began work in March, the new centre is expected to provide education and research in meat sciences. It will provide the CSU faculty with best practices, materials, and tools to teach students and the general public about meat sciences and animal handling. Food processing company JBS USA is the lead donor to the project.

Designed to honour CSU’s professor Gary Smith and his wife Kay, the centre is an addition to the existing animal sciences building on the Montfort Quad at CSU. The project is part of phase II of CSU’s renovation programme. It will also allow the CSU students to conduct collaborative research with industry professionals through training, education, product development, and testing.

Design of CSU’s global food innovation centre

The JBS Global Food Innovation Center will feature a number of facilities including classroom and laboratory spaces, retail stores, meat harvest and processing rooms, culinary research areas, and sensory analysis suites, all designed by CSU’s professor Temple Grandin.

The state-of-the-art centre will comprise a pre-engineered metal building, to be built using steel to provide improved functionality and durability. It will feature a 276m² light-filled atrium space connecting to the animal sciences building.

Spanning 177.4m², a culinary kitchen will be located on the ground floor of the innovation centre for catering and demonstration purposes. Located off the atrium space, the culinary area will feature modern cooking machines for food preparation.

The second level of the building will be outfitted with 284m² office / conference facilities, 111.45m² laboratory space, 37m² culinary, research, and sensory testing facilities, and offices for visitors and faculty.

Covered with signature CSU stone and metal wall panels, the high bay storage area will occupy roughly two-thirds of the building. Large clerestory windows will also be installed.

Facilities to be housed in the high bay area include a 72m² retail space, a 261.8m² meat harvesting facility, a dairy store with a cafe, and a 265.23m² auditorium lecture hall with a capacity to accommodate up to 200 people.

The project will also incorporate other facilities including a 225.3m² livestock area, a 336.6m² meat processing centre, a 184.7m² ready-to-eat food production facility, and a 1,167m² space for operations, restroom, and circulation.

JBS Global Food Innovation Center construction and financing

A ground-breaking ceremony for the global food innovation centre was held in March. The total cost of the project is estimated to be approximately $15m, which will be funded through donations.

JBS USA entered a strategic partnership with CSU in March to invest $12.5m in the new building, which includes $7.5m of charitable contribution.

The construction work is expected to be completed within 18 months, following regulatory approvals and financing.

Site details

Situated on the south side of the animal sciences building, the JBS Global Food Innovation Center will have a surface area of approximately 3,400m².

The project site encompasses the existing building to the north and parking area to the south. At the eastern and western ends of the site are service and bicycle / pedestrian areas. CSU’s greenhouse facilities are on the east side of the centre.

Sustainability features of CSU’s food innovation centre

CSU aims to obtain the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design new construction or major renovations (LEED-NC) Gold certification for the JBS Global Food Innovation Center from the US Green Building Council (USGBC).

The building will be fitted with a number of environment-friendly solutions such as sustainable materials, water efficiency, recycled materials, and energy-efficient systems.