• Food allergies: catering to consumers

    It has been estimated that around 20% of the UK are living with food allergies or intolerances. Reactions can range from a slight upset stomach to severe, life-threatening conditions, meaning...

  • Innovating on packaging in the poultry aisle

    Worldwide poultry production sits at a colossal 111,000 thousand tonnes a year and it’s predicted to increase by 24% over the next decade. There’s no doubt that poultry is a...

  • Grab-and-go: why cheese is the new healthy snack

    According to food and drinks experts Zenith, worldwide cheese snack consumption grew 4.5% in 2017 to an estimated 472,000 tonnes. Pamela Kokoszka looks at the latest in cheese snack innovation...

  • August’s top news stories

    BASF acquired Bayer’s global vegetable seeds business, and PBH acquired a 62.6% stake in Yorkshire Valley Farms. Foodprocessing-technology.com wraps-up key news stories from August 2018.

  • July’s top news stories

    Royal DSM has introduced a new enzymatic solution and Unilever has completed sale of its spreads business. Foodprocessing-technology.com wraps-up key news stories from July 2018.

  • Probiotics: resetting the balance

    The intestinal tract is the organ in the body that digests and absorbs food. It is populated by trillions of bacteria that are required for keeping the body healthy. These...

  • Free from foods: tracking the trends

    Free from products and ingredient supplements have become a staple feature of major retailers, but as the trend develops, how can brands capitalise on the movement? Using GlobalData research, Eloise...

  • June’s top news stories

    Royal DSM introduced a new benzoate-free variant of Accelerzyme CPG, annd Bayer acquired Monsato for a consideration of $63bn. Foodprocessing-technology.com wraps-up key news stories from June 2018.

  • A dynamic space: the savoury snack market

    The savoury snacks sector represents space for growth as consumers' quest for efficacy and effectiveness continues and evolves, with shoppers being unwilling to compromise on the quality of their products....