Chobani’s yoghurt manufacturing plant in Idaho is undergoing an expansion to add a new 70,000ft² facility featuring a research and development (R&D) centre, as well as facilities for employees.

Foundation stone laying for the expansion was held in November 2017 and the construction is expected to be completed by summer 2018.

Local architects, contractors, and engineers have been hired to design the facilities included in the expansion, which will accommodate 1,000 local employees.

Facilities to be added at Chobani’s yoghurt plant

The 15,000ft² R&D centre will be used to develop yoghurt products made from natural and non-genetically modified organism (GMO) ingredients. It will include open spaces and an advanced kitchen.

A 7,000ft² gathering space will also be included, which will be used for various purposes such as town hall meetings, relaxation, and celebrations on special occasions.

A 2,000ft² fitness centre will also be developed, including a wide range of exercise facilities.

Multiple wellness rooms will be available across the facility for new mothers, and a new visitor centre will welcome guests and the local community.

 Sustainable features of the expansion

The facility will feature 4,000ft² of switchable glass windows that will provide natural sunlight and regulate internal temperatures. This extensive use of glass will reduce heating and air conditioning, reducing energy consumption by approximately 20%.

“The facility will feature 4,000ft² of switchable glass windows that will provide natural sunlight and regulate internal temperatures.”

A skylight will also provide lighting, while 30,000ft² of smart roofing will reflect sunlight and reduce heat absorption.

Chobani is seeking Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification by the US Green Building Council for its sustainable features.

Details of Chobani’s earlier expansions at Twin Falls

The current project is the second of two expansions announced by Chobani at Twin Falls. The company previously announced an investment of approximately $100m to expand the facility in December 2016.

The project aimed to purchase and transform three production lines for the company’s “Flip”™ products. Purchase of new equipment for its Meze™ Dips and yoghurt drinks was also planned, as well as a new production line and a bulk production line.

The project aimed to suppor distribution of Chobani’s products in international markets.

Marketing commentary on Chobani

Chobani is the world’s second largest yoghurt manufacturers and its products include plain and mixed yoghurt with fruit flavours such as banana, apricot, blackberry, and black cherry. The company also markets drinkable yoghurts.

The company’s products are sold under the Chobani® Greek Yogurt, Chobani® Smooth, Chobani “Flip”™, Drink Chobani™, Chobani Tots®, and Chobani Kids® brands, which are made from cow’s milk and contain live and active cultures.

Chobani operates two other facilities located in New Berlin, New York, and South Victoria, Australia.