Shelf-life extension and food safety solutions provider Kemin Industries has launched NaturCEASE Dry for processed meat.

Intended to keep processed meat products safe and fresh, NaturCEASE Dry is claimed to be a clean-label combination of buffered vinegar and natural plant extracts.

Kemin Food Technologies for EMEA region customer laboratory services and quality assurance manager Anja Verbiest said: “Meat spoilage can be divided into two criteria: oxidative rancidity and microbial spoilage. Both have a sensory impact and an impact on colour, but more importantly, microbial contamination affects meat safety.”

Serving as a one-stop solution, NaturCEASE Dry combines several benefits into one blend as it controls spoilage bacteria whilst maintaining the bright red colour and fresh flavour of processed meat products.

“Consumers are increasingly demanding natural food products that do not contain artificial ingredients.”

Kemin Food Technologies for EMEA marketing manager Kelly De Vadder said: “Our NaturCEASE Dry solution offers a total freshness package. It’s user-friendly for customers and provides the needed convenience they seek.”

Consumers are increasingly demanding natural food products that do not contain artificial ingredients.

The meat industry is also facing this trend as retailers are seeking cleaner, clearer and simpler labels.

With this solution, meat manufacturers can better meet this growing demand for clean-label ingredients and transparency.

Kemin Industries is an ingredient manufacturer with more than 500 speciality ingredients. Its products cater to human and animal health, pet food, nutraceutical, food technology, crop technologies and textile industries.

It offers product solutions to customers in more than 120 countries.

Set up in 1961, Kemin is a privately-held, family-owned company with more than 2,800 employees globally. It has operations in 90 countries, including manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Brazil, China, India, Italy and Russia.