US-based snack food manufacturer Brimhall Foods has entered an agreement to distribute its BRIM’S snack foods through Surge Holdings’ SurgePays Retail Blockchain Network.

Established in 1979, Brimhall Foods is a manufacturer and distributor of snack food items throughout the southeast under the BRIM’S brand.

Brimhall Foods Company president Terry Brimhall said: “We recently completed an expansion of our facilities and have been focused on growing our distribution.

“The SurgePays platform provides efficiencies that will allow us to expand our retail distribution nationwide.  Through this network, we will have access to tens of thousands of additional retail locations that would otherwise require expanding our direct sales force and distribution network.”

Surge Holdings chairman and CEO Brian Cox said: “Brim’s has been one of the most recognised brands in the Southeast over the past 30 years and we are honoured to launch our first 15 BRIM’S products in the Bagged Snacks Category on the SurgePays network.

“Helping an established regional manufacturer expand into new markets nationwide is a significant component of our business model and overall strategy.

“Equally important, offering BRIM’s products through the SurgePays Network provides significant benefits to the convenience stores, corner markets and bodegas in our network, as they will have access to a wide range of high quality and delicious products, that can be easily ordered and replenished through the retail portal.”

Surge Holdings is a retail supply chain company that leverages blockchain technology to offer a virtual distribution hub for retailers.

Surge products are offered through a nationwide network of convenience stores and corner markets connected to the SurgePays retail blockchain.

This platform is intended to transform the conventional supply chain by offering local retailers seamless access to global products.