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In this issue of Inside Food, we explore how brands should approach product transparency as consumers come to expect more information and learn more about hemp’s rapidly growing popularity in the industry.

We also investigate prebiotics and probiotics and their development as ingredients for functional foods, examine the potential of energy and performance products as consumers become increasingly health conscious, and take a look at how coconut oil’s alleged health benefits may be a myth.

Finally, we break down Lotte Group’s supply agreement with Sheep Milk Co, focus in on blockchain’s food-tracking win with the FDA’s new food recall policy, and see what Lactalis’ acquisition of Aspen’s infant formula division means for the sector.

In this issue 

Open and honest: moving the industry towards transparency

As mobile technology and ubiquitous connectivity have created an expectation among consumers for on-demand, specific information, brands have an opportunity to acquire new customers by prioritising full product transparency. Callum Tyndall explores what brands can and should be revealing to consumers.

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The future is green: hemp’s potential as a ‘super’ ingredient

Hemp is rapidly growing in popularity as an ingredient, in part thanks to a range of associated health claims. And yet it still faces lingering suspicions and regulatory problems. Callum Tyndall finds out more about how the industry is getting to grips with the ingredient.

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An introduction to probiotics and prebiotics: what you need to know about these emerging ingredients

With both pro- and prebiotics emerging as ingredients to watch, opportunities are growing for manufacturers to make use of them. Callum Tyndall talks to industry experts to find out what you need to know about these ingredients.
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Pre or pro? Putting biotics under the microscope

Functional foods deliver additional or enhanced benefits over and above their basic nutritional value, with prebiotics and probiotics playing a starring role in the sector. Callum Tyndall finds out more about product development with these ingredients.
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Functional food: the potential for energy and performance products

As consumers become increasingly health conscious and look for products that can cater to their specific lifestyles, it is imperative for food and drink brands to address demand for more functional and targeted products that help fuel fitness and active lifestyles. Using research from GlobalData, Callum Tyndall examines the potential of energy and performance products.

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The collapsing myth surrounding coconut oil benefits

The profile of coconut oil as an alternative to butter and vegetable oils has been revamped in recent years, touted as a health-boosting ingredient. However, its alleged benefits, for which health-conscious consumers have been enthusiastic, appear to be a myth. GlobalData examines the ingredient’s status.

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Lotte springing into the Chinese baby milks sector

It seems as if no decisions can be made in the Asian dairy market without the potential for expanding into the Chinese market. The latest development – that of South Korea’s Lotte Group forming a supply agreement with New Zealand-based Spring Sheep Milk Co – is no exception. GlobalData investigates the deal.

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Food-tracking blockchain wins big with FDA’s new food recall policy

The US Food and Drug Administration’s 26 September announcement that it plans to name retailers selling food that is being recalled, instead of focusing just on food manufacturers, looks like a big win for food-tracking blockchain. GlobalData explores the technology’s future in recalls.

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Lactalis looking to Aspen to reanimate its infant formula fortunes

The expression ‘what goes around, comes around’ can aptly apply to the moment the beleaguered, scandal-scarred French dairy giant Lactalis announced the €740m ($860.1m) acquisition of South Africa-based pharmaceutical giant Aspen’s infant formula division. GlobalData examines the deal.

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Next issue preview 

In the next issue of Inside Food we examine the fruit market and innovations being made to counter food waste in the sector, discover what trends we can expect to influence the industry in 2019, and explore the developments occuring in plant-based foods.

Also, we investigate activist investor Dan Loeb’s suggestions for Campbell Soup’s focus going forward, delve into whether or not a chocolate tax could help tackle sugar consumption in the UK, find out how blockchain is coming to shake up the food chain, and assess the potential impact of clean meat on the meat and livestock industry.

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