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In this issue of Inside Food, we discover more about the trends in fast-moving consumer goods, find out more about free from diets and learn about the impact of the demand for natural ingredients on the supply chain.

We also examine a new food processing technology, shine the spotlight on localism and explore the world of materials.

Finally, in our ingredients focus we examine stevia, as well as profiling the probiotic market.

In this issue 

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods: Top Trends to Watch in 2018
It is shaping up as a year of contradictions in fast-moving consumer goods, according to GlobalData. Tom Vierhile explores the leading trends that GlobalData expects to influence packaged goods over the coming months.
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Hot Topic: Free From Foods
Free from products and ingredient supplements have become a staple feature of major retailers, but as the trend develops, how can brands capitalise on the movement? Using GlobalData research, Eloise McLennan explores the key features of the free from trend.
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Fresh Ideas: Microwave-Assisted Thermal Sterilisation Food Processing Technology
MATS technology is attracting interest from foodservice operations as well as food and beverage companies. Using research from an upcoming GlobalData report, Eloise McLennan rounds up the key features of the technology.
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The Rise of Localism: Meeting Consumer Needs Through Product Positioning, Production Methods and Formulation
Consumers are increasingly seeking products that have been sourced within their countries as a way to support local businesses and traditions. Using research from GlobalData, Eloise McLennan examines how the demand for ‘local’ is impacting the food industry.
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Revolutionary Materials: Alternative Packaging
While materials like plastic have revolutionised how we package and store food products, they are doing significant damage to our environment. Miguel Campos export sales manager at Advanta investigates the concerns about food packaging and the benefits of alternative packaging materials.
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Probiotics: Resetting the Balance
The intestinal tract is the organ in the body that digests and absorbs food. It is populated by trillions of bacteria that are required for keeping the body healthy. These bacteria can be affected by a number of aspects and when this occurs, probiotics can help to reset the balance. Pamela Kokoszka finds out more.
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Food Ingredients: Studying Stevia
Stevia is perhaps unique among food ingredients because it’s most valued for what it doesn’t do. It doesn’t add calories. Unlike other sugar substitutes, stevia is derived from a plant but there have been concerns about whether it is safe for consumption.
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Next issue preview

In the next issue of Inside Food we find out more about food allergies, learn more about innovation within the cheese snacking sector and profile the poultry packaging market.

We also examine consumer behaviour and how dining out habits between generations differ, discover more about using smart technology to make better food choices, and profile a new meat product which is made from a rare breed of pig.

Finally, we look at the world’s first chocolate bar made with restructured sugar and analyse how much of an impact authenticity and heritage has on the industry.

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