Bulher Group's new equipment processing plant.

Buhler Group has opened a new equipment manufacturing facility in the Long An province of Vietnam.

The new factory will produce high-quality rice processing equipment and machinery, enabling Buhler to meet growing demand in the region. It will also result in expanding Buhler’s production and service network worldwide.

The facility will hire more than 200 workers and enable local rice processors to enhance food safety and produce good-quality rice that not only meets export standards but also domestic quality standards. It will also strengthen Vietnam’s position in the international markets and enable it to face competition from Thai and Cambodian rice producers.

Details of the new rice processing equipment factory

The new facility features research, development, and engineering units, as well as a production workshop and a comprehensive sales and service office. It will manufacture hundreds of rice milling and processing machines annually for customers in and around Vietnam.

The plant also acts as an engineering centre offering comprehensive solutions for rice processing, production accessories, supporting equipment, and technology integration for the entire grains and food equipment division of Buhler in Southeast Asia.

The official launch of the factory also marks the release of Buhler’s new high-precision rice sorter Buhler W, which can be used to remove defective rice and foreign particles from different rice varieties.

Increasing demand for rice processing solutions in Vietnam

The new factory was built by Buhler to capitalise on the growing Vietnamese rice market. With a population of more than 90 million, Vietnam is one of the world’s highest rice-consuming countries. More than 45mt of rice is processed annually by approximately 5,000 processors.

The newly opened factory is Buhler’s second facility in Vietnam. The company partnered with a group of local business owners and opened its first manufacturing facility close to Chi Minh City in Long Ah Province in 2013. The factory manufactures rice processing equipment and auxiliary machines customised for the country’s unique market needs.

Buhler also plans to make further investments in the country to continue benefiting from the growing market.

Marketing commentary on Buhler Group

Buhler Group offers industrial process technologies and solutions, which significantly contribute to the production and processing of wheat, maize, rice, pasta, chocolate, and breakfast cereal. The company’s grains and food division offers solutions for grain milling, value nutrition, sortex and rice, grain logistics, and consumer foods.

Some of the company’s core technologies include mechanical and thermal process technology including cleaning, grading, sorting, blending, and shaping processes for grain and other raw materials. Buhler also provides die-casting and surface-coating solutions specifically for automotive and optics.

The company operates in more than 140 countries and generates more than CHF2.4bn ($2.42bn) in sales revenue a year.