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In this issue of Inside Food, we explore how the industry is working to combat fruit waste, and take a look at the trends likely to shape the year ahead.

We also find out how the plant-based food sector is growing and innovating, examine the consumer desire for authentic brand engagement and comforting products, and see why Campbell Soup should be getting back to basics.

Finally, we ask whether a chocolate tax could tackle sugar consumption in the UK, investigate how blockchain is set to transform global food supply chains, and discover what ‘clean meat’ means for the meat and livestock industry.

In this issue

Ones to watch: industry stories to keep track of

The industry is ever evolving and with change factors seemingly accelerating, it can be hard to keep up with everything of note. We take a quick look at some of the stories worth keeping an eye on.

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Going to waste: making the most of fruit

Waste is a problem across the food industry but there are innovations being made to alleviate the problem in at least one area: fruit. From wonky fruit to shelf-life extending coatings, Callum Tyndall takes a look at the issue and the developments occurring.

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Keeping it fresh: fighting against food waste

As sustainability efforts continue across consumer industries, one area somewhat overlooked in favour of anti-plastic initiatives is food waste. Callum Tyndall talks to Simon Lee, co-founder of It’s Fresh!, about food waste and how it can be reduced.

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A change is coming: examining the year ahead for the food industry

From continued efforts on mega-trends such as sustainability to rising ingredients such as CBD-infusions, 2019 is likely to be no less a year of change than those preceding it. Callum Tyndall examines what the year ahead looks like for the food industry.

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Plant power: innovation in the rising plant-based foods sector

As alternative diets continue to rise in popularity and concerns over ethical, environmental and health issues change consumer perceptions of traditional, meat-based diets, plant-based foods are being elevated. Callum Tyndall investigates the sector and its continued innovation.

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Hemp: from alternative product to functional ingredient

Legalisation efforts around hemp and cannabis have led to a boom in CBD products. Chris Lee, managing director, Global Health and Nutrition Network, Europe, at Informa Exhibitions, discusses how these changes are making CBD-infused foods and beverages a trend to watch.

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Comfort & Uncertainty: building trust in a rapidly evolving market

One of the eight megatrends on GlobalData’s TrendSights framework, Comfort & Uncertainty refers to the demand for more authentic and engaging brand-consumer experiences. Using research from GlobalData, Callum Tyndall explores how the megatrend captures consumers drawing comfort from healthy, simple and natural products.

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In defence of soup: Campbell Soup needs to get back to basics

Activist investor Dan Loeb won’t win any popularity contests at Campbell Soup Company, but he hit a bull’s eye when he said that Campbell Soup needs to focus on growing its soup business and stop apologising for it. GlobalData finds out more.

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Could a chocolate tax tackle sugar consumption in the UK?

Following the introduction of a levy on sugary soft drinks in the UK earlier this year, it has been reported that similar measures could be introduced for chocolate and confectionery as soon as 2020. But, GlobalData asks, how effective are such actions really likely to be at tackling the nation’s sweet tooth?

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Your food chain on blockchain: a shakeup is coming

From coffee to fish to palm oil, blockchain, a digital ledger technology, is being applied to global food supply chains in ways that promise to benefit producers, distributors, retailers and consumers. GlobalData investigates.

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Clean meat will be the next blow to the meat and livestock industry

As younger generations increasingly turn to alternative eating habits, the meat industry is struggling. Food production companies are exerting themselves to promote environmentally sustainable products, but the fact that animal lives are harmed at all is too much for a growing number of consumers. MarketLine explores the issue.

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Next issue preview

In the next issue of Inside Food we find out what the development of nanomaterials could mean for the future of nutrition, learn how collagen is being used in food and whether it can live up to its health claims, and ask whether edible insects are as sustainable as they seem.

Also, we take a look at the state of palm oil in the industry given its eco-unfriendliness, examine whether sweeteners may be more harmful than assumed, investigate the Dutch Advertising Authority’s ruling on ‘no added sugar’ claims, and assess the possibility of a sugar tax on biscuits and confectionery.

Plus, additional analysis and insight from GlobalData.

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