BMI Whey Powder and Concentrates, Lactose and Casein

Bayerische Milchindustrie (BMI) is a global company with more than half a century of expertise in the development and production of milk and whey drying enterprise. The company has specialised in the production and processing of milk and whey-powdered products. During that time BMI has become one of the leading suppliers in this field. Our products, whey powder, lactose, whey protein concentrate (WPC), demineralised whey powder (DWP) and casein, are sold to manufacturers in the baby food, dairy products, sweets, bakery and pharmaceutical industries.

Whey powder

BMI produces whey powder with a wide range of applications in the food and feed industries. Our products are based on the finest raw materials. They not only provide natural ingredients, but also enhance the value of these products by health and nutritional attributes.

BMI’s whey powder product range includes BAYOLAN sweet whey powder, spray dried.

Whey protein concentrate (WPC)

Mainly used by feed manufacturers, whey powder concentrate also finds application in the food industry and may be used for the production of baby food. It is also a competitive alternative for skimmed milk. Whey protein concentrate is a distinguished protein source.

  • BAYOLAN P15, P20, P28, P35, P50 sweet whey powder, UF-protein enriched

Demineralised whey powder (DWP)

Demineralised whey powder is a good source of nutritionally balanced whey and lactose. It has low mineral content and versatile functionality. Demineralised whey powder is eminently appropriate for the production of baby food and infant food because it is a good source of high-quality protein and a source of active peptides.

  • BAYOLAN 50, 90 sweet whey powder, partially demineralised

The considerable benefits of BAYOLAN are the dairy flavour and solids. BAYOLAN is also dispersible and soluble.


For decades producers around the world have been placing their trust in the consistent quality of our lactose. Applications run from the sweets industry to the meat industry.

  • Edible-grade lactose
  • Standard-grade lactose
  • Fine-grade lactose
  • Coarse-grade lactose
  • Refined lactose


The main application of casein is in the food and chemical industry. The customer achieves products in non-recurring quality. This is one of the reasons a higher product yield can be achieved with our products.

Whole milk and skimmed milk powder

BMI offers a wide range of ingredients with a variety of applications in the food and feed industries. Besides the production of whey powder, whey derivates, lactose and casein, the company fabricates whole milk and skimmed milk powder, spray dried.

Paladin milk and cheese products

Another big emphasis of BMI is on the production and distribution of milk products and a variety of cheese under the brand Paladin, which is famous for its high quality all over the world.

Organic farming products

The market segment for organically grown products is booming. BMI has developed special expertise in the field of organic powdered products. We offer varieties of organic products; e.g. sweet whey powder, WPC, DWP and lactose.

One of our main products is organic WPC 50 with about 50% protein content. This product may also be used as protein source in organic feed stuff for piglets.

Especially for baby food we offer organic Bio-70 and Bio-90, a demineralised whey powder.

The organic range has been extended recently with organic MPC. Please contact us for details.

Kosher and halal products

Kosher (certificate: KLBD) and halal (certificate: halal control) approved products in different varieties are available.

Quality standards

BMI has achieved the authentication of ISO 9001 for its highly standardised product line. According to its high quality standards, BMI now has a very strong position within the EU and the world market.

We are able to supply standard products or customised according to customer needs.

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