A fish processing park is being planned for the town of Fleetwood in the Wyre district of Lancashire, UK. The park will be developed with a £20m investment. A target date of mid-2012 has been set for completion of the project.

The park will process fish received from Wales, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. It will allow traders to move their operations from dockside and the Siding Road area of Fleetwood. Auction facilities will also be set up.

Project plans

Fish processing in Fleetwood contributes about £135m annually to the local economy and employs more than 600 people.

Development of the park is expected to increase business by 25% and generate £27m-£34m over the next ten years. It will also create 150 additional jobs.

“Development of the park is expected to increase business by 25%.”

The project is being backed by the Wyre District Council and supported by the Fleetwood Fish Merchants Association. Lancashire County Developments approved the plans for the project as part of the Fylde Coast Multi-Area Agreement. The agreement aims to improve tourism, transport and employment in the region.

Wyre Council is drawing up plans for the park. The plans are expected to be submitted to the EU for funding through the European Fisheries Fund. The council also expects to receive financial support from the North West Development Agency, private investors and the local fish processing industry. It is expecting £9.3m in grants.

Development of the park has been divided into phases. Once the initial phases are completed, public sector partners are expected to fund the remaining phases.

Improved amenities

The current facilities include auction rooms and small dockside offices. Several processors in the region expressed the need for improved processing facilities and the option for short- and long-term leases. The catching sector also requested modern landing, storage and distribution facilities.

Before the plans for the project are finalised, Wyre Council will hold discussions with the public and processors to ensure that the new park fulfils their needs.


“The processing units and the business park will cover an area of 130,000ft².”

The plan for the park is being developed by AEW Architects. It will be developed in five phases and will include state-of-the-art processing units. In the first phase, one unit will be built for A&M Seafood and will cover an area of 50,000ft². The remaining units will be used by other processors.

A business park will feature an education centre, auction hall, and meeting and conference facilities. The processing units and the business park will cover an area of 130,000ft².

Fleetwood site

A 14-acre site near Copse Road in Fleetwood has been selected for the park. The site includes a works depot owned by the council and an industrial site.