In April 2019, Dandelion Chocolate opened its third factory in San Francisco, California, US.

The facility comprises a chocolate manufacturing factory, a retail shop, a café and a chocolate-themed restaurant called Bloom, which offers classes and private events.

The factory offers tours of the production facilities and conducts advanced classes such as Chocolate 101 for families and children to learn about ingredient sourcing and the chocolate making process.

Dandelion Chocolate factory location

Dandelion’s Chocolate’s factory is located at 2600 16th street at Alabama street in Mission District, San Francisco.

The facility occupies 28,100ft² of space in a 107-year-old building, which was home to a mattress facility that was built in 1923. The site was acquired by Howard Quinn in 1961 and transformed into a printing facility.

Dandelion Chocolate factory details

The west-facing building has high ceilings of 11ft and features exposed woodwork, masonry and brickwork. The wide floor-to-ceiling windows allow for panoramic views and let in natural light.

The facility was designed to suit the grab-and-go model. The entrance features a marble floor, which is accented by a custom redwood counter and leather banquettes.

The cafe and retail shop are located adjacent to the building’s entrance. They will serve coffee and chocolate-based beverages.

Located at the centre of the building, the Bloom restaurant is decorated with brass-finished furniture and bevelled antique glass walls. The stepped seating and elevated platforms create a discussion and learning environment for guests.

“Visitors can view the roasting, winnowing, and melanging processes in the production room from the catwalk.”

When opened in May, the eatery will provide pastry and chocolate dining experience, serving breakfast, afternoon tea and dessert menus.

Visitors can view the roasting, winnowing, and melanging processes in the production room from the catwalk, which is accessible from the café.

A small office space is located upstairs.

Contractors involved

The facility was designed by architecture firm Gensler, while marketing and public relations services were provided by Mona Creative.

Dandelion Chocolate manufacturing process

Dandelion Chocolate is made from high-quality cocoa beans, which are fermented in large wooden boxes and dried before being sent to Dandelion Chocolate.

Dandelion Chocolate’s team performs taste tests on the beans and roasts them in modified coffee roasters to meet specific taste profiles.

The roasted beans are conveyed to winnowing machines to produce cacao nibs, which are ground with sugar in a melanger for three days.

After grinding, the chocolate is tempered into bars and set into moulds, which are cooled and wrapped in foil.

Marketing commentary on Dandelion Chocolate

Dandelion Chocolate was established by Todd Masonis and his partner Cameron Ring in 2010. It is currently headquartered in the Mission District of San Francisco.

The company has three chocolate manufacturing facilities in the US and operates facilities in Japan and Taiwan.

Apart from small-batch chocolates, Dandelion Chocolate sells cocoa beans, nibs and other ingredients for making chocolate.

The company sources cacao beans for dark chocolate from locations such as Costa Rica, Colombia, Tanzania, Peru, Madagascar, India and Guatemala.