US-based distributor and processor of fresh fruits and vegetable The Coastal Companies has announced the acquisition of prepared foods provider Hearn Kirkwood.

Financial details of the deal have not been disclosed.

The company intends to enhance its capabilities, as well as diversify its product offering with the addition of grab-and-go items such as sandwiches, wraps, salads and snack trays.

The Coastal Companies CEO John Corso said: “We are excited to have Hearn Kirkwood join our family of companies. The addition of Hearn Kirkwood greatly enhances our portfolio of prepared and ready to eat products and enables us to enter new and exciting markets.”

Hearn Kirkwood will join Coastal Sunbelt Produce and East Coast Fresh as The Coastal Companies’ subsidiaries.

Coastal Sunbelt Produce is engaged in perishable goods distribution, while East Coast Fresh focuses on fresh-cut produce, salsas and organics.

Hearn Kirkwood president John Reichlin said: “The Coastal Companies’ network is extensive. Joining Coastal will enable us to accelerate our growth.”

Upon completion of the deal, Reichlin will continue as Hearn Kirkwood president and report to John Corso.

Additionally, Hearn Kirkwood will continue to operate at its facility in Jessup Maryland. Coastal Companies has agreed to invest capital and support growth.

The distribution centre in Hearn Kirkwood, Hanover Maryland, will be phased out and combined with the facility in Laurel nearby.