Natural ingredient solutions developer Chr Hansen has signed a deal to distribute Rheolution’s CoaguSens and ElastoSens products across the globe.

Rheolution noted that its CoaguSens and ElastoSens analytical technology products have been designed to help cheesemakers offer real-time analytics of the milk coagulation process.

The two products measure the flocculation point in the milk gel firmness, as well as the speed of coagulation in real time.

The milk gel-cutting phase in the cheese making process is often said to be the least controlled stage, but with the help of these two new technologies, cheesemakers will get to know precisely the optimal time to cut the cheese curd at a controlled firmness.

The technology will enable cheese manufacturers to retain a significant amount of protein and fat from the milk in their cheese, increasing the overall value generated from the milk processed.

Rheolution CEO Anis Hadj Henni said: “Rheolution has chosen Chr Hansen as its strategic sales partner because of the perfect synergy between the core expertise of the two companies.

"Chr Hansen anticipates that the new partnership will further expand its product portfolio."

“Rheolution delivers high-quality process control instruments and technical support to monitor the coagulation of milk.

“Chr Hansen, as a recognised leader in the culture and enzyme industry with a strong focus on innovation, brings valuable expertise on cheese making technology and a global commercialisation network.”

Chr Hansen anticipates that the new partnership will further expand its product portfolio, which includes coagulants, cheese cultures and tests, strengthening its role as the go-to solutions provider for cheese producers worldwide.

Chr Hansen Cheese vice-president Soeren Herskind said: “Our partnership with Rheolution brings us one step closer to the practical use of digitalisation to optimise the coagulation in the cheese vat.”