Arla Foods Ingredients has designed a whey-pro biscuit concept that features the company’s whey protein ingredient Nutrilac.

The company claims that its design will help biscuit manufacturers tap into the high-protein and healthy indulgence trends.

Arla Foods Ingredients Bakery senior category manager Lene Hald said: “High-protein and healthy indulgence are both important trends in the baked goods category.

“Biscuit manufacturers who tap into them have a great opportunity to grow their market share. Our new concept demonstrates that it’s definitely possible to combine a high-protein claim with an indulgent taste and texture while overcoming technical challenges.”

“Our new concept demonstrates that it’s definitely possible to combine a high-protein claim with an indulgent taste and texture.”

The company further noted that the concept was developed to create biscuits with the right structure and appearance after baking, in addition to low water activity for crispness that lasts longer with a low risk of microbiological spoilage.

The concept will also help in addressing issues such as unpleasant aftertaste.

The whey-pro biscuit concept will be showcased at the Health Ingredients Europe event, which will take place later this month in Frankfurt.

At the event, the company will also showcase its whey protein ingredient, Lacprodan TexturePro, which gives bars superior texture and softer bite for a longer shelf life.

In August, Arla Foods announced the launch of its cream cheese manufacturing solution, Nutrilac CH-7694, which helps shorten the duration of the cheese-making process from up to 20 hours to around 30 minutes.

Developed at the company’s application centre in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the whey protein ingredient Nutrilac CH-7694 also increases yield while delivering flavour and texture.

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