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Yearbook 2019Top

Yearbook Issue | December 2019
In this issue: The biggest stories in food and beverages from across 2019.

October 2019Top

Issue 33 | October 2019
In this issue: The biscuits industry’s balance of health and indulgence, Grenade’s sports nutrition ambitions, the future of sugar alternatives and more.

August 2019Top

Issue 32 | August 2019
In this issue: The struggle against labour abuses in food production, whether meat alternatives can live up to the hype, Brexit’s impact on food trademarks, and more.

June 2019Top

Issue 31 | June 2019
In this issue: Indigenous food systems, the challenges of the cultured meat market, probiotics as a mental health aid, and more.

April 2019Top

Issue 30 | April 2019
In this issue: The environmental impact of palm oil, what nanotechnology means for nutrition, examining edible insects’ sustainability, and more.

February 2019Top

Issue 29 | February 2019
In this issue: How the industry is working to combat fruit waste, trends shaping the year ahead, the consumer desire for authentic brand engagement and comforting products, and more.

December 2018 Top

Yearbook 2018
In this issue: The best of food and beverages in 2018.

December 2018 Top

Issue 28 | December 2018
In this issue: Product transparency, hemp’s growing popularity, prebiotics and probiotics’ development as ingredients, and much more

October 2018 Top

Issue 27 | October 2018
In this issue: Managing protein in vegan diets, functional foods ‘added value’, the Pret a Manger inquest, and much more.

August 2018 Top

Issue 26 | August 2018
In the latest issue of Inside Food we look at snack innovation within the cheese sector, find out more about food allergies and much more.

June 2018 Top

Issue 25 | June 2018
In the latest issue of Inside Food we look at the free-from market, shine the spotlight on stevia and much more.

April 2018 Top

Issue 24 | April 2018
In the latest issue of Inside Food we look at the savoury snack market, shine the spotlight on avocados and much more.

January 2018 Top

Issue 23 | January 2018
In the latest issue of Inside Food we look at the rise in product recalls, the decline of the bee population and much more.

Yearbook 2017 Top

Yearbook 2017
In this issue: We look at the tea and coffee landscape, round up the best ideas from the events of 2017 and much more.

October 2017 Top

Issue 22 | October 2017
In the latest issue of Inside Food we look at the snacking sector, origin labels and much more.

April 2017 Top

Issue 20 | April 2017
In the latest issue of Inside Food we look at safety and hygiene regulations, consumer generations and much more.

January 2017 Top

Issue 19 | January 2017
In the latest issue of Inside Food we look at changing breakfast habits, the comeback of carob and much more.

October 2016 Top

Issue 18 | October 2016
In the latest issue of Inside Food magazine we find out more about cross contamination, robotics in the industry and much more.

July 2016 Top

Issue 17 | July 2016
In our latest issue we explore the world of alternative desserts, look at 3D food printing and much more.

April 2016 Top

Issue 16 | April 2016
In the latest issue of Inside Food we find out more about fruit and vegetable waste, black garlic, pulses and much more.

January 2016 Top

Issue 15 | January 2016
In the latest issue of Inside Food we look at the rise of rapeseed oil, find out more about beer gelato and much more.

October 2015 Top

Issue 14 | October 2015
In the latest issue of Inside Food magazine we look at the debate over the levels of salt in popcorn, how the industry is adapting to consumers on grain free diets and much more.

July 2015 Top

Issue 13 | July 2015
In the latest issue of Inside Food we look at the food truck revolution, find out more about fermentation, discover whether kid goat meat will take over the UK and much more.

April 2015 Top

Issue 12 | April 2015
In the latest issue of Inside Food we investigate the rumours of a cocoa shortage, discover the latest in robotic technology for the food industry, find out why consumers are turning to luxury salt and much more.

January 2015 Top

Issue 11 | January 2015
In our latest issue we explore the culinary delights of Japanese cuisine, find out more about Canadian export poutine and take a look at the new ranges of luxury jams and spreads.

October 2014 Top

Issue 10 | October 2014
In our latest issue we explore the world’s most expensive dishes, discover the benefits of the freekeh grain, learn about savoury yoghurts, a new technology that transforms cheese and much more.

July 2014 Top

Issue 9| July 2014
In our latest issue we discuss the rise of one pot meals, profile Pots & Co’s use of handmade ceramic pots, ask why doughnuts are next in the long line of sugary treats to become trendy and much more.

April 2014 Top

Issue 8 | April 2014
In our latest issue we profile the fast growing cold-pressed sector, look at the transformation of instant noodles, discover the secrets behind salted chocolate and much more.

January 2014Top

Issue 7 | January 2014
Space technology for the food lab, the Inside Food Awards 2014, vacuum microwave dehydration vs traditional freeze drying, how food scientists are tackling obesity with smart ingredients, boosting the appeal of vegetarian sausages, an excursion into the world of fine honeys, the sweet success of the gourmet confectionery market, and more

October 2013Top

Issue 6 | October 2013
Advances in nanotechnology for food and beverage processing, proving the origin of produce with ‘environmental fingerprinting’, the mega-trend of sustainable sourcing, what the UK diary code of practice has achieved in its first year, the rise of the organic food market, how the new universal front-of-pack labels in the UK have been received by the industry, and more


Issue 5 | July 2013
The Nuclear Issue Could insect-based cuisine provide a solution for future food security? Plus: Preventing a future horsemeat scandal with supply chain tracing software, the controversy surrounding the use of antibiotics in the food chain, knowing the rules for food-grade lubricants, the industry’s response to the new EU regulations for probiotics, enhancing shelf life with barrier packaging, and more

April 2013Top

Issue 4 | April 2013
Smartphone spectrometers for instant food analysis, health-boosting ingredients for aging consumers, the rise of the ‘free from’ market, innovative cooking with tea, new training opportunities for food scientists, the future of farming, and more…

January 2013Top

Issue 3 | January 2013
The food flavourings banned under new EU regulations | Ginger makes a comeback | Glowing sushi and other futuristic food | Getting through the dairy crisis | Edible packaging, and much more…

October 2012Top

Issue 2 | October 2012
This season’s top trends in sweets and confectionery | Bratwurst comes to Britain | The Mexican street food boom | Special focus on food safety | And more…

July 2012Top

Issue 1 | July 2012
Frosty Favourites: The latest flavour trends and ice cream innovations | Cooking up the first lab-grown burger | Why more caterers are going frozen | Consumer’s expectations on premium coffee | And more…

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