• Obama and Global Security

    Politicians such as Barack Obama will discuss climate change this week. But are we really debating resource distribution? By Gareth Evans.

  • Good Enough to Eat

    With concerns over bacterial infection more prevalent than ever, food packaging firms need to come up with new solutions. Dr Gareth Evans looks at how cardboard candy and tasty tetrapacks...

  • Simulating the Supply Chain

    Spreadsheets, business intelligence and analytics programmes are old news in manufacturing. Companies wanting to see more ROI are turning to supply chain simulation. Darren Baguley finds out how.

  • Virtual Savings with IT in Food

    From better efficiency to lower costs, virtualisation is changing the outlook of IT's role in food processing. Gareth Evans finds out how.

  • Food Cartons’ Green Glow

    The environmental angle is being used as a selling point of food items to conscientious consumers and food producers. Joanne Hunter looks at how the carton industry is promoting itself...

  • From Top to Bottom

    With a net income of $15.6bn, Bunge is one of Brazil’s largest agribusiness companies. Michel Henrique Santos, director of marketing for Bunge, talks about the company's supply chain challenges, and...

  • Unravelling the Wrapping of Sweet Treats

    Packagers of confectionary products need to combine award-winning designs with less material and customer satisfaction. Russell Hicks reports on the challenges the industry is facing.

  • Bucking the Bottled Water Backlash

    US drinking water retailer Glacier has reported an increase in revenues for 2008, bucking the trends of the global downturn. The backlash against bottled water, however, is gaining force around...