Harry’s Fresh Foods opens new production facility in Nashville, Tennessee

US-based manufacturer of premium refrigerated products Harry’s Fresh Foods expanded its operations by opening a 200,000ft² production facility in Nashville, Tennessee.

The company said that its new production facility created approximately 300 new jobs.

Harry’s Fresh Foods CEO Jamie Colbourne said: “We are now among the first to manufacture on both sides of our country.

“Opening this Nashville production facility enables us to offer the same high-quality products with less distance to travel, improves efficiency and available delivered shelf life of the company’s fresh, natural and organic products.”

DuPont Nutrition & Health introduces new cheese cultures


Global manufacturer of sustainable and bio-based ingredients DuPont Nutrition & Health introduced two cheese cultures, namely CHOOZIT ST 20 and CHOOZIT PC FAST, which will be used in soft-ripened cheese making.

These new DuPont Danisco CHOOZIT brand cheese cultures are designed to optimise production and consistently produce high-quality soft-ripened cheese.

Cheese Cultures global product leader Annie Mornet said: “Consumers prefer soft-ripened cheese with a nice and stable white surface and soft texture.

“While cheese manufacturers want to satisfy these consumer desires throughout a cheese’s shelf life, they also want to maintain a high throughput level. These objectives don’t always align. Another benefit of CHOOZIT ST 20 cultures is a significant reduction in the risk of phage issues."

Taze Ay secures funding from EBRD


Turkmenistan-based manufacturer of sausage products Taze Ay secured funding from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

EBRD sanctioned the fund as part of its support for private small and medium-sized enterprises. In cooperation with the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund, $800,000 will be offered to Taze Ay, which includes a constribution of $560,000 from the bank.

With the offering, Taze Ay will be enhancing production capacity by 25%.

Established in 2005 by three brothers, Taze Ay already been receiving funds from EBRD for its new production lines and distribution network expansion. It also received business advice on quality, food safety, and company management from the EBRD’s Advice for Agribusiness team.

Mars to combine Chocolate and Wrigley segments


Global confectionery company Mars is planning to combine its Chocolate and Wrigley segments to create Mars Wrigley Confectionery.

The company said that the new segment would help them to improve their service to the customer, understand consumer trends, as well as accelerate growth opportunities in the global confectionery category.

Wrigley global president Martin Radvan said: “Mars Wrigley Confectionery brings together two great businesses, strengthening our ability to create win-win relationships with our customers, and improving our opportunities to address dynamic retail and consumer trends together.”

Parrish and Heimbecker secures C$10m in funding from Canadian Government

Grain procurement and merchandising company Parrish and Heimbecker secured C$10m ($7.4m) in funding from the Canadian Government to construct a new wheat flour milling plant in Hamilton.

The government funding will help the company to increase its production capacity, expand export markets, and enhance food safety and traceability of its products.

Hamilton East - Stoney Creek parliament member Bob Bratina said: "This project adds to our remarkable agricultural sector and provides the kind of development‎ cities require for sustainable, recession-proof economies."

India-based Katra Phytoc partners with Gee Lawson to expand into Europe

India-based integrated carotenoid company Katra Phyto signed an agreement that will see Gee Lawson develop its presence in European food, cosmetics and food supplement markets. 

Katra Group chairman Ramesh Vangal said: “Gee Lawson brings deep insight on nutritionals, strategies for research-backed value addition and a large customer network.

“In addition, other Katra group companies actively work with a wide range of medicinal herbals and formulations validated by extensive research and clinical trials.”

Zebra Technologies, Bosch and ARM partner to offer food safety solution

US-based Zebra Technologies partnered with Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions and ARM to offer a next-generation food safety solution.

Due to the growing need for compliant Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) solutions, food and beverage manufacturers, produce growers and retailers require digital systems to manage their requirements.

The new design extends the capabilities of Zebra's recently announced smart refrigeration Internet of Things (IoT) solution reference design to mobile supply chain scenarios, thereby offering a simpler architecture, real-time intelligence and electronic records of integrity to meet food safety guidelines.

Advantage Capital Agribusiness Partners invests in Pasta Chips

Pasta Chips secured a new $3m investment from Advantage Capital Agribusiness Partners (ACAP), Silas Capital and Emil Capital Partners.

Set up by US-based entrepreneur Jerry Bello, Pasta Chips and the brand's new Pasta Bow Ties offer quality, Italy-inspired snacks made from durum wheat semolina flour, and baked as a better-for-you snacking alternative.

The brand integrates farro, a higher protein grain for a more nutrient-dense product, and embeds fine seasonings based on regional Italian favourites for robust taste and crispy texture throughout.

Bello said: "At Pasta Chips, we are recreating the pasta aisle in snack form using only fresh pasta dough and quality ingredients for a crispy, better-for-you dip and chip option."

Bel Group and MOM management team to acquire MOM Group from LBO France

French company Bel Group and the MOM Group’s management team have signed an agreement with LBO France to acquire the MOM Group.

According to this agreement, Bel will become a majority shareholder of the MOM Group with 65% of the ordinary shares, while MOM’s management will hold the remaining 35%.

Michel Larroche will continue to serve as MOM CEO.

POS Bio-Sciences partners with Apeiron to develop essential oil facility in Sri Lanka

Canada-based bioprocessing firm POS Bio-Sciences partnered with Apeiron Lanka to develop a manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka to extract pure essential oil.

The last few years has seen the market for essential oils grow significantly due to its various utilities.

Extracted from plant roots, seeds, flowers, leaves and tree bark, the essential oils are used as additives in food flavourings, fragrances, personal care products, air fresheners, pharmaceutics and massage therapy.